Why You Should Choose wpWave Plugin For Your Website Security?

The concealed track from your WordPress center records, login pages, topics and modules size truly shows the front. This site has a tremendous improvement in security; nobody will realize that you can truly run WordPress. HTML gives a simple method to wipe all fingers Hide My WP WordPress Security Plugin to discover.

Any such record and registry changes!

None of the files and directories is being changed, almost everything has been processed! Technology plugin for URL rewrite code to carry out all internal functions and features and filters used WordPress. Everything automatically, no need for user intervention.

Real WordPress core files and plugins are being hidden

The plugin not only allows you to change the normal URL WordPress, but did not standardize hide / block! You can change the default WordPress WP-Admin URL entry and WP-login.php completely arbitrarily. Detector service / site when tested with WordPress themes and Hide My WP WordPress Security Plugin, if there are changes in the settings cannot be immediately visible on the report, because they use cash. Being the best content management system, widely used, hacking is vulnerable to various attacks, including WordPress brute force, SQL injection, XSS, XSRF etc., the fact that core WordPress is highly protected by a professional team of code In spite of goes. Enthusiasts, additional plugins and themes make it unsafe with any website.

Statistics show that every day new vulnerabilities, which affect WordPress sites millions. Hack is a WordPress target of 99.9% and a more automated website malware script, which WordPress for a few fingerprints. This plug lets hide their signal or changes, making boot hackers useless. Custom WordPress for example works well with directory structure.

After being configured, the new HTML server to create cache data and data and / or plug-in cache (such as Cash W3) needs to be removed. The CDN should be clear as well as very cash.

This plug-in allows the standard URL admin WP-login.php and converts it into something more WP-admin. Default Theme 404 Not found All original links as page, there is nothing. Huge security benefits, in addition to php code and brute-force triggers false curl attack greatly save time processing by reducing the use of MySQL server.

IMPORTANT: This plugin does not disclose all existing links, using the default 404 error page theme for the function of this plugin all block URLs, compared to all other similar plug-in primarily directed use.

Main plugin features:

  • Default Admin URL Block.
  • Block the folder directly to hide the structure completely.
  • Special WP-login.php filename.
  • WP-login.php block default.
  • WP-signup.php block default.
  • Block XML-RPC API.
  • New Road XML-RPC.
  • Adjustable URL view.
  • New URL child content.
  • Change theme style file name.
  • Remove any header to force a file subject.
  • Custom cover wp.
  • Include default WP.
  • Blocks wp-content.
  • Plugin custom url.
  • Personal Changes Plugin URL.
  • Plugin Default Block Road.
  • New Upload URL.
  • Standard Block Upload URL.
  • Clean version of WordPress.
  • Meta Generator Block.
  • Do emojis and remove the required Java Script code.
  • Remove tag Pingbak.
  • Met away wlwmanifest.
  • Remove Rsd_link Meta.
  • Remove Wpemoji.
  • Minimum HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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