Why Should Stop Asking This Question About Counselling

Should I seek counseling help? Do I need to find a counselor? These are some of the questions that run through the mind of a normal human being when they are going through something. Thankfully, we are in a society where counseling and therapy create stigma as people believe that it is only for crazy people, people who cannot handle situations, people who cannot deal with difficult issues. This notion is so strong that it makes an individual develop an awful feeling that counseling does not benefit mere normal people who are going through difficult times in life. This misplaced belief hassled so many people into depression with so many suicide cases that arise when people shy of getting help from professionals. One session with a professional counselor from counseling in Australia could save a life, another session could save another life. What if we make it normal to seek help when things are not okay? What if we drop the belief that counseling is for the worst? The world would be a better place to live because no one will suffer mental illness simply because they cannot voice out their issues.

Some people decide to see a counselor when things have gone to the extreme. Even when people feel that they honestly need some help from a counseling professional, they take some time before visiting one because they are uncertain whether they will find results or not.Most people who have gone to see therapists confess that they struggle with some inner resistance which they took too long to overcome. However, after trying therapy one or two times, one can tell you the benefit it brings along without fear of intimidation. Many have missed out and continue to miss out on the great help of sourcing therapy from experts. When psychological issues are dragged for long, they advance to mental problems which re detrimental to health.

When to find a therapist?

There are various valid reasons as to why an individual should seek therapy. These are;

  • Persistent feeling of sadness
  • Inability to enjoy or feel interested in the things you used to enjoy before
  • Loss- especially loss of a loved one to demise or breakup
  • Addiction- could be an addiction to unpleasant behavior or drugs, money, an obsession with someone or something.
  • Physical, emotional, or mental abuse experiences
  • Trauma- could be caused by a horrific incident such as accident, the demise of someone close, attacks such as rape, or a natural disaster such as earthquakes, floods, among others.

However, the list is not exhaustive. Other reasons may require an individual to look for counselling in Australia therapy even when things seem right. Don’t wait for things to extend to the extreme when you can find help.

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