Which Refrigerator Can Reduce Your Electricity Bill by Over 40%

Along with air conditioners in a household, a double door fridge and others significantly cough up more electricity units. Many studies reveal that your fridges can consume up to 15-20% of the total household power bills. However, you can still save it by employing some best techniques. Let this quick post help you out!  

  1. Many people keep your double door fridge and other variants fully loaded which hinder the cold air flow and hampers its efficiency. While it is good to keep your fridge full but you must avoid packing it to the brim. It will strain the device and leads to higher consumption of power units and monthly electricity bills. 
  2. If you have been keeping a hot food item in your fridge without bringing it to the room temperature, then you are not doing it well for your device. Doing it will lead to increasing the inside temperature of the fridge. This way, your machine will end up sucking more power units to keep it cool. Hence, you will need to pay more on the energy bill.   
  3. You may have this habit of opening the door of your double door refrigerator and taking a good look at how fully packed it is without taking an item for minutes. Now the time you have left it opened for minutes will lead to hot air replacing the colder ones. Therefore, you will need to pay more on the consumption of higher power bills. Thus, always ensure to keep the most frequently used items in the front of the fridge so that you can find it quick and don’t have to expose it to hot air. 
  4. You may have set the temperature of your refrigerator to a minimum to keep it chilled, and it is what may have been coughing up larger power units. Thus, if you don’t want to pay larger light bills per month, then set it on medium temperature. Keeping it on the high cool mode will see an increase of up to 25% in the light bill. 
  5. You should ensure to cleaning up your fridge inside out to keep off all unwanted accumulated items off your device. It will help the condenser and the motor to not being clogged and make it tough to hard and consuming more power units. 
  6. The other element that you need to take care that can lessen your power bills is to keep your fridge lightly closed. The gasket of the door of the refrigerator should be in proper condition so that the door is being closed without leaking. Any continued leaking of air for a longer duration may lead to higher consumption of the power units and paying off of larger electricity bills months after months. 
  7. The refrigerators of reputed brands such as Whirlpool fridge models in India and others are given Star Ratings based on their capacity to save electricity. Therefore, if you are looking to bring home a single door or a double door machine, then you must buy with at least 4-5 Stars. In turn, it will help you use the fridge without concern about the power consumption. You will now be able to save up to 25% on the overall power bills on using a refrigerator. But having a higher rated fridge in your home does not mean saving on light bills if you avoid following the above-discussed tips. The collaboration of all these tips altogether along with a 4-5 Star Rated refrigerator will be able to let you enjoy saving bigger. 

You are now aware of the tips that can help you save massively on your monthly power bills. Your fridge is not entirely responsible for saving on electricity bills alone. Unless you don’t follow these tips and help it, it won’t help you back.    

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