Where can get the Breast Augmentation treatment on a budget?

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer is a popular breast enhancement surgery which is preferred by women who want to undergo a minor enhancement in their breast size but don’t want to undergo the risk of inserting artificial implants in their body.

Breasts are important for women as they are a sign of good health and fertility. Full attractive breasts are adored by men and they find women with a pair of beautiful large breasts irresistible. Women with beautiful large breasts are trusted more by their male counterparts and have higher chances of promotion in the office.

Usually it is thought that implants are the only way to go about enhancing the size of the breasts. In layman’s terms implants can be defined as small pouches filled with either saline water or silicone gel that are inserted below women’s chest to artificially enhance the size. They are designed in a way that they mimic human tissue and it’s difficult to distinguish if they are real or artificial when inside the chest.

However, breast implants need a complex surgery. The surgeon will give general anesthesia to a patient to put her under sleep, cut open her chest, make a pocket and insert these implants under the chest. After the surgery the chest is sewn back. This procedure can have side effects like bleeding or infection post surgery and also the implants can be leaked or ruptured due to an accident any time after the operation. A leaked or ruptured implant may cause pain or lumps inside the chest which is detectable only by an MRI Scan and the patient has to undergo a re-surgery to get them extracted and reinstalled.

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting allows the surgeon to extract body fat from any area of the body like abdomen, love handles, thighs, back or hips usually the ones which are already a problem area for the patient and hold excess fat and transfer it to the chest. This way patient gets double benefit, they are able to get rid of excess fat from their problem area and also get larger and fuller breasts. The fat since taken out from patient’s own body is completely natural and is done via liposuction. There is no complex surgery involved and the patient doesn’t have to get herself cut open under a knife. A small pin hole sized incision is made in the area where the fat needs to be extracted and the fat is extracted through a pipe. Then the surgeon makes another incision on the side of pectoral or in nipple area and insert the pipe back in transfer the sucked out fat in the breasts. The surgery causes no blood loss, scarring, tissue or muscle damage and the patient can remain awake during the operation. There are far less side effects and recovery time during this procedure. However the only disadvantage is that the patient can only increment her breast size with one cup and unlike implants, the natural fat can be absorbed by body during weight loss efforts and is prone to sagging with age.

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