Are you looking to buy Islamic art canvas? Indeed, an interesting new trend in the world of Islamic home décor is that of largeIslamic canvas art. In this kind of art, large-sized Islamic calligraphy is printed on high-quality canvas via digital technology. Before we can explore in detail this new form of art, let’s understand traditional or classical Islamic wall art.

Traditional Islamic wall art typically consists of a verse or a small chapter of the Quran stitched with golden thread on a black fabric, generally silk or velvet. The choice of hues has comes from the colours of the cloth draping the Ka’aba at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Other types of traditional or classical Islamic wall art include colourful wall rugs, mostly crafted in Iran or Turkey or Kashmir. These carpets are adorned with floral motifs on the edges while the middle portion comprises Islamic calligraphy.

Over ages, enthusiasts have been experimenting in Islamic wall art by using new mediums and techniques. For instance, two trends have caught on. The first is vinyl wall decals. These are large, low-priced vinyl stickers that can be stuck to the surface of the wall with no need to frame them or drive a nail into the wall. Wall decals come without colours or backgrounds or other visually distracting elements, thereby putting all the focus on the calligraphy and the message of the text.

The second popular new category is the one we talked of right at the start –Islamic canvas art. Unlike the calligraphy-only focus of vinyl decals, Islamic canvasart uses colours to highlight the calligraphic art and the verses as well.

Colours are a crucial part of wall décor as they give a splash of brightness to our homes and are said to lift our spirits too. The much-used phrase ‘add colour to your life’ suggests that one should live their life with colour, that is with energy andpositive attitude. Many people these days paint the walls of their homes in non-white colours. Sometimes, only one wall in a room is painted in a shadeother than white, generally a very bright or dark colour in order to add to the contrast.

Islamic canvas artthus uses the application of colours to Arabic calligraphy, with canvas as the medium so as to increase the artistic value of the artworks. If you are looking to buyIslamic art canvas, you would find works of art in many colours –red, blue, green, purple, and other shades of the palette. Sometimes, one colour is used, and sometimes multiple colours are applied. Despite the use of shades, a piece of large Islamic art canvasdoes not dominate the text. Because in the end, what people are looking for is the calligraphy. Colours are only a tool to attract attention of the onlooker. They cannot become the focus themselves. In Islamic calligraphy art, the message is of primary importance. And yet, splashes of colours, and the artistic texture of canvas, can pull eyes to Islamic art, especially the messageon display, and its meaning too.

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