What does the word legal mean?

In general, the word legal means relating to law. People who are citizens of the country will have to adhere to the laws of the country. As an individual and a responsible person each and every person of that country should abide to the rules of that country. To maintain disciple among people and to ensure that no one is cheated and to provide equal opportunities to all citizens of the country the government would make laws.In all countries to maintain law and order the government prepares legal laws which is publish and is circulated to the public.The citizens of the country should ensure to follow the rules and regulations so that they don’t get into legal problems.There are many types of laws in Singapore like criminal law,company law and family law. All these laws are completely statutory in nature. In case for any reasons if the citizens of the country tend to commit some offense then they can reach out to the criminal lawyer Singapore who can fight the case on behalf of the accused in the court. To defend any case in the court it is essential that a qualified lawyer should take up the case. Some people may end up doing something which is against the law unknowingly and there are some people who tend to do some illegal work knowingly. However, every citizen has a right to defend himself and should get a chance to prove himself/herself right.

Is there any specific legal course:

Lawyers are the only people who have the right to take up cases in the court.In case any citizen is held as a culprit against any law or for cheating someone or for any fraud then the people can appoint a legal lawyer who can fight the case in court on behalf of the person.A legal lawyer is a qualified and certified person who can fight cases to defend their client. However, to become a lawyer there is a certain criteria which the person has to qualify.The person should be of 21 years and above. He/she should pass the examination which are listed by the SILE i.e. the Singapore Institute of Legal Education. The person who intend to become a lawyer should also have serve the practice training which is must for all to be a qualified lawyer.The person should also attend and complete the courses of instruction which is prescribed by SILE.People who have the goal to become a lawyer will have to ensure that he/she will have to have a good character and should be able to take admission in the right university and should appear for the exams and after  passing all the exams he/she can get a certified lawyer degree.

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