What does the unlocking of iPhone do to it?

If you are looking for unlocking AT&T iPhone handsets, this post is for you! Unlocking iPhones have currently been very much in demand as consumers have previously invested money in buying iPhones at a subsidized rate. But, all of these iPhones were locked to a particular network and hence the price concession, but now they want their phones unlocked to shift to a new network. So, if you are one such consumer, then you can read through this article and get a comprehensive idea over how to move ahead with the unlocking process.

So, if you own an iPhone 6 and you want to unlock iPhone 6 then read through the unlock criteria given below and tick them off as you proceed.

1) Make sure there are no outstanding amount which needs to get cleared to the AT&T for using their network.

2) If you have purchased the product from an online seller or an acquaintance then please ensure that the product is not related to any form of illegal activity such as smuggling or theft. If it had been so, then the device will get blocked and you won’t be able to unlock it without facing legal charges.

3) If you want to receive unlock codes for iPhone 6 then upgrade your handset and wait for a fortnight or so.

4) If you have any issues with the unlocking process, then consult the AT&T terms and conditions to know more about it.

After you have ticked off all these statements, you can proceed for Apple iPhone 6 unlock in 3 ways. They are:

The first is the software method which is not used nowadays. This process was available on iPhone 3G on AT&T network years ago. But, this method is not applicable as Apple has shut down all the options for it since the launch of iPhone 4. In this method, you could have unlocked the phone without consulting Apple or the specific network provider by a loophole that was present in the hardware of iPhone 3G handsets. On doing this, you can end up messing up with the internal configuration of the iOS and to fix that, you might need to spend a lot of amounts. Since this form of unlocking is not available now, you will be facing legal charges if you still opt for it.

The second method is the hardware method. To unlock the AT&T iPhone, you may hire a third party or you may yourself end up in meddling with your phone. However, you may do more bad to your handset rather than anything good if either of you is unskilled. And that kind of unlocking will end up damaging your handset which will cost you a lot to repair it.

The third and the safest option to unlock AT&T iPhone is through IMEI unlock options. It works like the factory unlock and will preserve your iOS and warranty services without breaching any law.  This method is legal where through IMEI the tech experts can change the status of your phone from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. In doing so, your phone gets unlocked from the previous network provider and now you can switch to any network you want!

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