Uses of the ICICI direct platform

Today, many people want to invest their money online. They usually invest in shares and stocks because they can earn higher ROI. Today, almost 3 million people are investing online because they can enjoy many online features. They need not contact the brokers every time and hence save their brokerage and other additional charges. So, they can invest their money in ICICI direct because it is a best online trading platform. The brokers provide wide range of investment options to the retailers and use their huge network.

Role of the online platform for investment

The ICICI platform provides several types of services to the investors such as research, customer support, energetic trading, and many other types of services. They can also easily invest their money in currency derivatives, equity and mutual funds.    They also provide many other types of financial services such as the tax payment, fixed deposits, new pension structures, coverage and loan services to the investors. So, the investors can first open their account and then login to their account. So, they process the transactions further.

They perform different types of services such as margin plus products, gain margin products, and perform the other trade services. The investors should pay some nominal charges such as the account opening charges and annual maintenance services. The investors should pay some fees such as the trading AMC, trading account opening fees, DP services, demat AMC, Demat transaction charges etc. They should invest in ICICI direct because the investors can enjoy many benefits.

Options to provide plans

The brokers provide some of the brokerage plans. The brokerage fees are usually higher and they also offer the advisory services and other financial investment options also. The client base is higher and it has some of the full-time brokers also. The clients are not provided with the brokerage services that are moderate enough to deal in the advanced market.

The investors can enjoy some of the features such as saver planners, 3 in 1 account plans, etc. On the trading terminal, they can also create and modify the investment charts. They can generate different types of reports anytime. They can record the mobile numbers of the people whom they should associate with. So, the investors can invest in diversified sectors such as GOI bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, postal saving schemes etc.

On this platform, the investors cannot invest in commodity trading. The rate of brokerage is higher. The small traders should not invest on this platform. A person should make large investments on this platform.

The investors should open their demat account on this platform. Since many years, it is known for retail trading and investment services. It offers different types of financial services to the traders. It offers two types of share trading account to the customers. It provides website based online share trading account and is used for buying and selling shares. It allows different types of trading such as margin trading, cash trading, spot trading, IPO investments, and it is a primary vehicle of any investment. It also provides other advantages such as the live streaming quotes and research calls.

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