Uses of Rogan Badam Oil for Dark Circles

When people have very little rest and work for a long time without sleeping, they get dark shaded circles beneath their eyes. These dark circles are caused due to the puffy eyes that form by the accumulation of fluids below the eyes. These circles are mostly dark gray, blackish or brown, according to the natural skin tone and make a person look ugly. Hence, it is necessary to eliminate these circles with some effective home remedies.

Effects of Badam Rogan almond oil in curing dark circles 

  • As the skin beneath the eyes is very thin, it gets dehydrated very easily due to overwork, showing the blood vessels running underneath the skin cells. The almond oil provides the necessary hydration to the skin, restoring the required freshness and thickness of the skin that reduces the dark circles.
  • It is seen that regular massages of the skin with Badam Rogan almond oil can be effective in brightening the natural skin tone. Thus, it softens the darkness of these circles and regular application of this oil helps in eliminating these marks within a few days.
  • The almond oil has the property of curing the damage done to skin cells by the harmful UV rays of sunlight. Thus, the application of this oil may prevent the worsening of dark circles when the affected person steps out in direct sunlight.
  • The skin loses a large amount of hydration from time to time, which can be prevented by applying almond oil. It forms a layer over the thin skin below the eyes and blocks the process of the dehydration process.  Thus, the formation of dark circles can be prevented with the regular application of this useful oil.

Different application procedures of Rogan badam oil for dark circles 

The mixture of honey and almond oil in the proportion of 1:1 is an excellent option for curing dark circles and also for overall skin care, as both honey and almond oil provide hydration to skin cells. People need to mix both ingredients well and apply beneath the eyes before going to sleep every night, to obtain the best result.

The application of rosewater and a few drops of almond oil can also be effective in curing dark circles, as rosewater has natural anti-inflammatory property and it can heal the puffed eyes quickly. Firstly, the rosewater should be applied with a cotton ball and dried in air. Then almond oil is gently massaged and left for the night, to vanish the ugly dark circles.

The mixture of extra virgin olive oil and almond oil in the same proportions needs to be applied with fingers over the dark circles in a circular motion. This massage should be done carefully under the eyes and on the eyelids every night, to fully cure the dark circles.

Turmeric is a natural antioxidant that also protects skin cells. So a pinch of turmeric powder may be added to Rogan badam oil for dark circles and applied below the eyes and then washed after 15 minutes.

Many other homemade applications of almond oil are effective in curing the dark circles, resulting in healthier and brighter skin.

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