Use of Bougie Dilator for Esophageal Stricture

When a person feels difficulty in swallowing food and has a constant heartburn, the person is diagnosed with esophageal stricture. When the stomach acid flows up the lining of esophagus, the scar tissue gets swollen. The inflammation results in the narrowing of the esophagus. When the esophagus gets narrowed, a person cannot swallow food properly. So, what is the solution of the tightening of the esophagus? A health practitioner will widen the esophagus to make the food and water pass through easily. For widening the esophagus, a healthcare professional will make use of Bougie dilator device. How this medical device can be useful in treating esophagus stricture? Know more about the medical device and the disease in the following lines.

A note on the esophageal stricture

The work of esophagus is to pass through water and food from mouth to the stomach. When there is damage in the lining of esophagus, the food gets obstructed in the tube of the esophagus. It is the stomach acid that destroys the lining of the esophagus. Generally, when you swallow food, the lower esophageal sphincter opens and closes instantly. When you suffer from esophagus stricture, the lower esophageal sphincter fails to close. As a result, the stomach acid goes up the esophagus, making your chest burn for a short period of time. The persistent stomach acid makes the esophagus tube narrow, leading to the esophageal stricture.

What triggers esophageal stricture?

Esophageal stricture mainly happens due to GERD. When stomach acid recurrently hits the esophagus, the esophageal stricture takes place. The other causes are the exposure to the radiation therapy, use of endoscope and the application of nasogastric tube.

Symptoms associated to esophageal stricture

  • A patient feels extreme pain while swallowing food and water.
  • A choking sensation occurs every now and then.
  • Burning sensation takes place inside the lower part of the chest.
  • Constant hiccups and burping happens.
  • A person who is affected by esophageal stricture reduces weight.

The use of bougie dilator

The bougie dilator device is used to widen the tube of the esophagus. When the tube gets widened, then you will not feel choking sensation in your throat ever again. The tubes of the bougie dilator device are conical in shape. The conical-shaped tube of the bougie helps broaden the esophagus tube. This medical device is used when a person feels blockage in the esophagus.

How does the bougie dilator work?

A patient is given a local anesthesia to make a person relax from pain. The health physician inserts a conical-shaped tube in the esophagus. The tube remains in a static motion for about 15 seconds. At the time of lodging in the esophagus, the person might feel some kind of pressure for a while. The tube moves around the tissue, making the esophagus tube widened. You can easily get the medical device from one of the leading bougie dilator manufacturers at a reasonable price.

Vital features

You can order bougie dilator of various sizes to meet your needs.

The medical device comes with radiopaque markers.

There are various lengths of dilator which make the procedure convenient.

Get in touch with one of the experienced bougie dilator suppliers to order the product and get it right at your doorstep.

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