Tubemate- Video Downloads In Seconds

What is Tubemate?

Tubemate is an application designed to download YouTube videos on android devices. Any video uploaded to YouTube can be searched and saved using this application within a small amount of time. Any video, be it a song or a movie scene, that a person wants to rewatch without having intenet connection at that time can save it as a video file and enjoy it at a later time.

What are its features?

Published by Devian Studios, this app for android is free of any cost. Tubemate is a way with which users can save videos to their devices from YouTube directly and save them to their SD card memory. The app has a simple and user-friendly interface which is easy to work with and search for any video. The downloaded files are directly saved in the storage card of the android device but its location can be altered by the users at their own will. It is a safe app which is available for download at the playstore along with its updates.

Bug fixes are regular and the app does not cause any harm to the device by introducing any malwares or viruses. Tubemate is compatible with all android devices and can be downloaded without the fear of security and safety of the device. It offers many different resolution and quality options with which the YouTube video can be watched offline and they mostly depend on the space available in the phone memory. It downloads the videos in very less amount of time and in premium quality. The only requirement is that the android version should be updated to Android 2.0 so that the app can work efficiently. It is a very useful and reliable application.

How to download videos on the app?

The process of downloading videos through Tubemate is fairly simple. The user just has to type the name of the desired video in the search bar on the home screen of the app. After that a green arrow located at the bottom part of the screen is needed to be pressed. A menu option is available which asks the user what quality the YouTube video needs to be saved in. After choosing the desired option, the downloaded videos are by default saved to the SD card of the android device in a few seconds.

Tubemate is a good option for those who like to keep their favourite movie or drama scenes saved on their mobile to watch over and over again as it does so easily and fast. It offers thousands of video downloads within just one app. Youtube has all sorts of videos imagineable and with a huge number of videos on it uploaded from all over the world. With the help of Tubemate, one has access to all these videos, not just online but also when there is no intenet connectivity available and the user wants to watch that video. It has great features and gives many other apps fierce competition.

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