Top five Mexican Restaurants in Raleigh, nc

Food is something which binds people together. People love to eat and taste world cuisines in order to hand on experience of their tradition and culture. Mexican food is one such cuisine which is loved by one and all. The food is prepared using authentic Mexican flavors and spices which makes the dishes worth tasting. Various restaurants offer a separate menu for Mexican cuisines due to large variety of dishes and drinks available under Mexican style of cooking. Mexican cuisines are full of flavor as the chefs use authentic ingredients and spices to prepare the dishes. Moreover, Mexican dishes are savory and are prepared using earthly flavors which brings out the real flavor and aroma of the dishes.

Top five Mexican Restaurants in Raleigh, nc are:

1. San Marcos Mexican Restaurant Raleigh nc:

The restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere and sitting arrangement. The place is vibrantly decorated which serves delicious Mexican delights using traditional style of cooking. The restaurant even serves flavored cocktails which when combined with a dish makes the meal wholesome. Chicken and shrimp dish is popular among the local folk which does not disappoint in flavor and taste. Staff is friendly and courteous towards the customers which make the restaurant a whole package. One must try crispy chips with hot sauce for experiencing real Mexican taste.

2. Taqueria El Toro:

It is a fast food styles joint which serves amazing Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos and nachos along with delicious dips and sauces. Customer service is great and has a great selection of drinks to choose from. Food is prepared using authentic and fresh ingredients which is approved by the health authorities. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and within the budget of customers.

3. Toreros Mexican Restaurant:

It is a Mexican chain restaurant which serves great variety of Mexican delights combined with delicious margaritas. The atmosphere at the restaurant is vibrant. Moreover, the surroundings are beautifully decorated and styles according to Mexican tradition. Chili colorado and enchilada are their specialty which attracts people from further part of the town.

4. Salt and lime cabo grill:

The restaurant has one of the best sitting arrangement and environment. One can enjoy a great evening meal at the restaurant consisting of tacos, salsa and guac which are packed with flavor. Customer service is great and fast which is unparalleled. Ambiance is the most attractive feature of this place.

5. Chubby’s Tacos:

The restaurant offers combo platter to its customers which includes great food items like pork, beef and chicken tacos. One can opt for a takeaway option which proves to be of great convenience for the customers. The restaurant also offers great drinks choices like fruit tea and beer to its customers. Salsa served along with dishes is fresh. The restaurant even has its own in-house salsa and toppings bar.

Out of all the above restaurants San Marcos Mexican Restaurant Raleigh is considered to be one of the best restaurants which serve great authentic dishes to its customers. People love to eat Mexican food which is offered at amazing prices by the restaurant.

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