Top Eight Traditional Italian Snacks You Cannot Miss

Italian cuisine is a great variety of dishes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And, each dish has many regional variations. If you visit different regions of Italy, you will come across different types of pizza, pasta, Italian cakes, Italian appetizers, snacks and other dishes. People in different regions are using slightly different ingredients for making the same dish. Same goes for traditional Italian snacks.

Different regions bring different types of traditional snacks. Don’t be surprised if you find a little different version of a snack in some other region. In this post, we have compiled a list of eight traditional Italian snacks. All the snacks are handheld snacks. If you are there to spend your summer vacation, you must try these snacks. Though you cannot enjoy any of these snacks as a meal, some snacks can keep you going for hours.

Here are the Italian snacks you cannot miss:

Focaccia (or Panino) con Salame

If you are a fan of sandwiches with simplicity, you must try Focaccia (or Panino) con Salame. You are not going to find any mustard, mayo, bacon, pickles etc. All you are going to get is incredibly good bread and super tasty cured meats.

Pizza Con Patate

If we mention pizza with potatoes, what are your expectations? You might think that it will not taste very good. If so, your assumptions about pizza with potato are wrong. This snack is easily available in Italy. If you have missed this snack during your vacation, you can find an easy recipe on the web. 


Ciambelle is Italian bundt cake which is a sort of large Italian pretzel. We can also say that it is a cross between a pretzel and bread. You are going to find different versions of Ciambelle in different regions. This is a special Christmas treat.   

Cornetti con Panna (cream filled croissants)

This Italian delight is a sweet cream stuffed croissant. You can enjoy this simple sweet treat as a snack. You can eat it with coffee over breakfast. It makes a great after-meal dessert. It is easily available at any cafe in Italy. It is a sweet and buttery donut with some amazing fillings.

Panino Con Mortadella

It is an excellent winter snack with lots of substances and lots of energy. Some even call it the king of the packed lunch. If you don’t have much time for cooking and you also want a quick bite to eat, it is very easy and fast to prepare. Or, you can buy it from a food store in Italy. It is an excellent combination of different ingredients.    


This is the most popular Italian frozen dessert that comes in different flavors. All flavors are great. It is different from your ice cream. Gelato is creamier, silkier, smoother, denser and more fluid and elastic as compared to ice cream. Its ingredients are also different. This Italian dessert contains less cream and more milk. No egg yolks are used in gelato.  

Panino Con Rapini

Panino Con Rapini is full of folic acid and vitamins. Its fantastic taste is another reason why you must try Panino con rapini. Not all of us love eating greens while traveling. However, if you are driving somewhere in Italy and need something tasty and green in your system, you can buy Panino con rapini.

Panino Con Porchetta

Porchetta is super tasty pork. Just stuff it in a Panino and enjoy while you are walking through a crowded Italian market.

So, these were the eight traditional Italian snacks you cannot miss during your vacation. You don’t have to be there to enjoy these snacks. There are online food stores selling Italian foods in different parts of the world.

Order and enjoy.

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