Tips on How to Deal With Osteoarthritis

Around the globe, the sad thing is that most people suffer from osteoarthritis. Some experts refer to this condition as degenerative joint disease or arthritis (Osteoarthritis), and it remains one the most chronic and the common conditions that affect people in Georgia. Usually, the people who suffer from this condition are often in higher numbers, which increases the number of patients who turn to Atlanta pain management to seek relief from their pain.

This condition could also affect any joint but it often occurs in the neck, hips, knees, lower back, and other smaller joints of the fingers, as well as the base of the big toe and thumb. This condition also brings out intense pain, inflammation of the joints, and loss of cartilage. In elderly people, this is a frequent cause of pain and may result in disability.

However, in a healthy cartilage or joint, a firm and rubbery material that covers the end of the bone. It also helps to provide a smooth and gliding surface for easy movement of the joints. In addition, it acts as a soft cushion between the joints and bones.

Osteoarthritis in Patients Suffering

When patients experience osteoarthritis, what happens is that the cartilage causes problems and breaks down with the movement of the joints. When the condition worsens with time, the bones then end up breaking and they further cause problems such as growth spurs. As this results, the bits of the bone or the cartilage chip off, resulting in these chips floating around the joint.

Eventually, an inflammatory process then occurs in the body where proteins (cytokines) along with enzymes develop, which further damages the cartilage. When the final stage then occurs, the cartilage would tear away and the bones rub against them, increasing unbearable pain and joint damage.

As a person suffering from this condition, you could be searching for some ways to get relief. When you visit experts such as pain management specialists at Kroll Care, they will guide you on how you should have a healthy life.

Exercise Helps to Relieve the Pain

For the people who are struggling with osteoarthritis, incorporating exercises is the most crucial and necessary treatments that experts often suggest. Regardless of your age, it isn’t anything new that exercise plays a vital role, especially in combination with some other exercises, it helps to improve general fitness, and it helps to strengthen your muscles.

If you have osteoarthritis and if it leads to pain and stiffness, you may think the condition and the symptoms you experience could worsen up. On the other hand, exercise on a regular basis would help to strengthen the joints and it builds up the muscles, improving the symptoms.

Exercise is also ideal for weight loss, which is the main reason why this condition would also develop. It helps to improve your body posture, ease osteoarthritis, and relieve stress. Upon consulting your physiotherapist or pain management specialist, they will take their time to discuss all the possible benefits that you should expect from the exercise program. They will also give you an exercise plan you can follow in your home.

It is best that you follow the right guidelines experts provide you, since if you end up exercising vigorously, it may damage your body joints and affect your movement.

Weight Control and Diet

When you follow a healthy diet, and if you suffer from this condition, there are many reasons why you would appreciate the fact that even the smallest changes in your diet and lifestyle could help to reduce the pain that comes with the condition.

Weight Loss

If you maintain your body weight, this takes away stress from your bones and helps to relieve the pain. Especially in obese people, arthritis is higher when compared to those who have a normal weight. Note that having an extra weight often adds up more pressure on the joints of the body. In addition, studies also reveal that the people who consume more red meat, fried, sugar, and processed food are a lot more prone to develop conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. As compared to the patients who eat a diet, that includes white meats, vegetables, fish and fruits, people following the latter diet experience more pain.

Inflammation Control

As you take control of your diet, this would also help to control the general inflammation you experience in the body. In addition, some research also shows that some foods increase inflammation, so you have to keep a check on all the nutrients you consume in your food.

Keeps the Bones and Cartilage Strong

As you consume a balanced and healthy diet, this should help to keep your bones and your cartilage strong. Other studies also reveal that the foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as well as other ingredients like ginger and turmeric help to reduce the inflammation. In addition, foods like vegetables, rich in antioxidants can help to reduce the tissue damage and inflammation.

Consult a Specialist in Your Area

If you are experiencing this condition, it is advisable that you consult a specialist in your area. Since they have enough years of experience and information on how to treat different cases, they would help to ensure your pain goes away within a short time.

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