Tips For Keeping Your Horse Clean During The Summer Months

If you have horses at your place then you should take their grooming quite seriously. Cleaning is one of the best aspects of horse grooming these days. If you fail to keep your horses clean then your horses might fall ill on a frequent note and this would affect their health very badly.

Best tips for keeping the horses clean in summers:

·         Sponge baths are the best means of keeping the horses cool especially during summer seasons. Fungal hair-loss can be easily prevented with these special baths. On the other hand, body temperature can be reduced in a natural way as a result of which horses will get relieved completely. Cleansers or shampoos cannot be used on a frequent note for bathing as that is not good enough for horses but sponge baths can be carried on a regular basis as they are very much soothing in nature and can help in keeping the horses absolutely tidy and clean. Rubbing alcohol should be mixed in proper proportions in water for creating a proper mixture for sponge baths. Sweats can be easily cleared and this bathing is also very much beneficial for maintaining horses’ skin.

·         Painful sunburns and the effects of ultraviolet rays can be reduced with proper shampooing along with sunscreen application. In this case, zinc-oxide oriented sunscreens need to be used for enhancing the level of protection. Hot weather can be efficiently dealt with fresh and cool water. This is how summer discomfort can be alleviated with ease. In fact, your horses will become much more energetic with this kind of protection. Pink noses in horses can be efficiently prevented. Whenever your horse feels hot you should make your horse bath with cool water.

·         Insect sprays can be sprayed for repelling insects and you should also make your horse wear special fly masks. In this way, horses can be protected against bugs or flies. Fly biting effects can be reduced with proper disinfectant lotions. Sweat scraper and hand mitt can be treated as the best grooming supplies for horses. Gorse hairs can be easily cleaned and maintained with high-quality hair-polish, conditioner and hair shampoo.

Trimming horse hairs can also keep them clean and tidy. Turnout rugs can be put after the horses have taken their showers. Within 24-hours you should clean your horse at least two times with fresh and cool water. Horse nails should be trimmed nicely for maintaining a proper hygiene level.

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