The Giulia is not a traditional Alfa Romeo

What’s common with the petrolheads around the world? Our wives/girlfriends leave us because we just can’t stop spending our hard-earned dollar on our sweet rides. Rare is a lady who appreciates the beauty of burning rubber on tarmac. Now that you’re alone, you might need a girlfriend or at least a car with a name similar to your English girlfriend!

Joke apart, there is actually a car that is named like an English woman. Not just that, it might also remind you of an old tragic play written by a bloke named William. That car is the Alfa Romeo Giulia, a lovely Italian car with lovelier driving experience. It’s not just the name of this car that’ll attract men, the car has exceptional performance. Quoting the Jeremy Clarkson, “Alfa Romeo Giulia is a Ferrari with four doors.” That is a pretty strong statement to make, and what made Jeremy Clarkson say that? You’ll find out in this article.

Situated in Milan, Italy, is the headquarters of the car brand which might have skipped your radar, Alfa Romeo. It’s not a surprise as Alfa Romeos weren’t really something to die for. These cars often have a few unusual quirks which don’t have many fans in the Automotive world. The brand has been bought by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, back in 2007. Alfa Romeo sells a couple of its models in the United States, and even those weren’t a big hit among the consumers.

Among a couple of cars that were sold earlier in the USA is the Alfa Romeo 4C. A ‘performance’ car with the dimensions even smaller than a Nissan 370Z. You might even burst into a laugh on seeing one. Maybe that’s why the Alfa Romeo wasn’t a success, because Americans like the big V8 cars with humongous power. Then, they revealed the Giulia, which changed everything.

Alfa Romeo started producing the Giulia back in 2015 and the only thing they changed in the production was, they made it right. Giulia has everything that an average American wants. 2019 Alfa romeo Giulia 4-door saloon which starts at $38,295 and goes all the way up to $73,995 for its track-focused trim level. Available in Base, TI, Sport, TI Sport, TI Sport Carbon, TI Lusso, and Quadrifoglio trim levels.

All variants are available in 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine configuration with turbo except Quadrifoglio. Quadrifoglio is available in a 2.9L V6 turbo engine. The 8-speed automatic, paddle shift transmission is standard in all the trim levels. The drivetrain comes with either Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive. An inline-4 engine is capable of producing 306 ft-lbs. of torque at 2000 rpm and 280 hp at 5200 rpm. And the V6 in the Quadrifoglio is able to make 443 ft-lbs. of torque at 250p rpm and 505 horsepower at 6500 rpm.

Alfa Romeo Giulia also has some impressive bits for the interior and exterior styling too. There is an option for leather or Alcantara seats on the inside by Sparco with the option for carbon fiber steering wheel for some weight reduction. Not just the front seats but there is a heating option for rear seats too. Harman & Kardon stereo speakers are one of many other options that you’ll find for this car. For the outside styling from the factory, you have the option to go with some carbon fiber parts to improve the aero and reduce some overall weight.

For the storage, you got enough boot space and enough pockets inside the cabin to hold your change. Although there is on this that’s unusually weird about this car, B Pillar. B Pillar in this car has been positioned a little in the way. That might even hinder your vision when you’re thrown into the seat and want to see on your left. Because there will be B Pillar to see instead of a clear window. And that might even make it hard for Ape to get in and out of the car.

Now the driving part, the Giulia is something you’d love to drive. It’s V6 engine which might seem similar to Ferrari California’s V8 with two cylinders removed, is an exciting engine. It’s like that over-enthusiastic dog that is just waiting for you to unchain it and as soon as you do, it runs like a rocket. Giulia has the same traits. Just waiting for you to push a little harder on that accelerator pedal and it screams and rushes. No matter what speed you are at, you’ll feel filled with adrenaline in this car. It has more than 70 hp than the M4 and it even sounds better than M4.

Should you buy it? I do not see a reason why not. Alfa Romeo Giulia is definitely the best Alfa Romeo ever created. There’s nothing about this car that’ll make you go home and smash those bone china dishes. The one with the inline-4 engine is definitely a great buy under 40 grand. But if you could spend some extra 30 grand for the Quadrifoglio, it is a completely different animal. It looks like it has been made to eat the M4 raw. And it does that very well.

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