The Effects of Color on Wallpaper – How to Select What Color Wallpaper to Use in Your Home Decor

Color has always made a variance in our lives. Color can enhance a plain white wall as well as color is one of the most widespread motivators that persons use to decide what wallpaper they would like to use in their home decoration. Whether we recognize it or not, color affects our lives as well as helps to set our moods. Some colors revivify our lives and naturally make us smile, however, others make us tired otherwise just simply relax us.  This article will provide you with the information you need to make well-versed decisions when choosing the right wallpaper Singapore for your home.

Sometimes color is selected since it is simply a favorite. Other times, our subconscious minds draw us to a color plus we may not know why. Let’s take a look at certain colors and the effects that these colors have on us.

Red color

The red color family comprises shades of red like bright red, maroon, burgundy, pink, rose, cardinal red plus raspberry. Since red is the deep of all colors, using wallpapers in the red color family will create your room appear cheerful, bold, dramatic as well as exciting.

Orange color

The orange color family comprises hues of pumpkin, terra-cotta, copper peach, coral, and rust. Using orange based wallpaper will proposal a welcoming plus cheerful room that will create you feel warm and comfortable? The effect of using an orange based wallpaper in a room is much like the effects of red.

Yellow color

The yellow color family of types includes lemon, tan, tobacco straw, gold, and cream shades. The characteristics of using a yellow based wallpaper would be to create a warm, glowing and radiant feel in the room. While you use colors from the yellow family in your wallpaper, this will create your room appear bigger and brighter, due to the colors light insightful quality.

Green color

The green color family comprises hues such as mint, pea, grass olive, forest, and sea greens. When green wallpaper Singapore is selected, it creates your room feel energizing and cool. When the green wallpaper is used in lighter shades, it will create your room seem bigger because it feels like the walls are further away.

The blue color family comprises hues of sky, royal, midnight, and baby as well as powder blues. Since blue is the calmest of all colors, blue wallpaper singapore is the maximum receding and serene which makes it a widespread wallpaper choice.

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