Substance abuse- a life and death situation

Generation gap- the best escape from every wrong done, for the people of any generation. When one cannot justify their actions to their experienced elders, they call it the generation gap. The simplest yet the best excuse everyone can resort to. Why go foractivities, which cannot be justified? Why can’t one find happiness and fun without compromising one’s life? Does the usage of such commodities matter that much? There is a reason why the elderly do not allow such practices, and that is not the generation gap, but something more sensible.

Why are people running behind this stuff?

When you think about such stuff, you can easily understand the constant negative response to such activities. Substance abuse has become a very trendy topic for the youth of the world. It is considered to provide you relief from all the sufferings and commotion relevant to life. In other words, it helps you not live. Bitter but true. The relief one desires can be easily obtained after the problems are solved in their life. Embrace your problems rather than making rash decisions and then secluding yourself from everything related to the problem. 

Substance abuse- a reality of today’s youth

Substance abuse can be of various forms and varieties, like excessive drinking problems, cocaine, tobacco, cigarettes, heroin, marijuana, etc. Not everybody develops an addiction to these materials. However, an inadequate and excessive amount of usage can, not only damage the health but also affects the people related. These habits indirectly start controlling your emotions and activities. The so-called feeling of getting a vibrant, energetic feeling is nothing but set you in an imaginative space that does not exist in the real world.

The habits are never preferable, but if in some regions it is required for survival, then limited usage is justified. But these commodities are illegally available in today’s market which makes it quite evident that they are unhealthy and life-threatening. People prefer losing somebody more valuable and permanent to this temporary happiness. Happiness is altogether a misnomer for this feeling.

Why abort these?

Nobody is forcing you to live a dull life with only work. People easily blame their guilt to their busy schedules, meaning that they have no time for other activities other than substance abuse to get over their frustration. But when you have the willpower, things do happen. Everybody has issues in their life, it is never a bed of roses. The only solution to your problem is within you. It is nothing philosophical, but people of this young generation do apply it and it is effective. Nothing is above your health, without it, you are nothing. You can complain all about work and family issues to leave out a small puff of smoke, but that puff will only take one percent of your longevity, thereby increasing your problems further.To reduce this abuse and for those who want to leave out these addictions effectively can find out this here on the evergreen drug rehab center.

So, rather than making these illegal companies and rehabs prosper, make your life prosperous. Work hard for yourself and your loved ones, rather than some unknown stranger.

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