Solar power for home in online

Solar power system is a conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. This is also conversion of direct using of PV which stands for photovoltaicor indirectly use of concentrated solar power and/or a combination.  In Concentrated solar system lenses or mirrors are used. The tracking system is for to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. The photovoltaic cells are converted into electric current using photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic were used as a source of the electricity for small and medium size things such as calculator, remote etc.

About solar power system

Commercial concentrated solar power system were developed in 1980. The 392 MW is the world’s largest concentrating power plant situated in Mojave Desert, California. When the cost of the electricity is fallen the number of grid connected solar PV system has grown into the millions. The utility scale photovoltaic power stations with hundreds of megawatts are built. Solar PV is became rapidly inexpensive, low carbon technology to harness renewable energy from the sun.

The current largest photovoltaic power stations islongyangxia Dam solar park in Qinghai China. In 2014 the International Energy Agency projected high renewables scenario by 2050 solar photovoltaic. The concentrated solar power contribute 16 and 11 percent of the world wide electricity consumption and solar would be the largest source of electricity. Most of the solar systems are installed in China and India. In year of 2017 solar power provided 1.7% of the total worldwide electricity production. It is growing at 35% per annum.

Online solar power for home

Solar system is very popular in nowadays for domestic use. Solar system is pollution free electricity channel. Where the power of the sun is converted into electricity.InOnline solar power for homeis available at lower cost and panels are easily available. Solar panels are useful for any household work like cooking, heating etc. As the main source of it is the power of the sun so the cost have been reduced and it is natural. These are not harmful for human and very much effective.

Solar system

Solar system is the gravitational bound planetary system of the sun. The objects that orbit the sun directly or indirectly. The objects that orbit the sun directly is the largest of the eight planets. The remainder being smaller objects such as five dwarf planets and small solar system bodies. The objects that orbit the sun indirectly are the moon which is two larger than the smallest planet Mercury.


Solar systems are very much effective nowadays. The solar panels are available on online at very lower cost. Solar online products are very much easy to use and easy to avail. As the energy have no cost, so the cost of the machine or the panel is main. And nowadays because of the huge demand the companies who are producing these panels reduces the cost, so any one can purchase it very easily. The solar system is a very effective Innovation of science.

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