Slim Leg Exercises: How To Make Your Legs More Attractive And Massive

Hello friends! The section “Fitness” continues to grow, and we will not prevent this. There are many interesting topics that relate to this section, and we will look at them a bit. In this article we will consider exercises for slender legs. Naturally, all the advice is exclusively for women, since men do not need slender legs. Men need legs high, and therefore I recommend the article “How to build legs”. You need to work on the legs no less than on the upper part of the body, and in the case of women, even more, since it is the legs that are the hallmark of a woman, like a man’s biceps, or chest swing.

In any case, you need to set yourself up for hard and voluminous work, which will last not a few days, but a longer period. If you got beautiful legs, this does not mean that you need to quit training. If you stop training, then very soon the legs will return to their shape, and you will need to start all over again. This is the structure of our body – if we do not use what we have acquired, it takes its former form. You do not need to consider training as hard labor, or as some kind of work – take them as rest, entertainment. More often remember what you get in the end – beautiful and slender legs. Well, let’s go directly to the exercises for slender legs.

Probably, first you need to figure out what is with your legs, and why you do not like them. The most common problem is excess subcutaneous fat, which you can get rid of if you use a diet that is short of calories. When we do not get enough calories, the body begins to burn subcutaneous fat. Additionally, this process can be accelerated by aerobic and anaerobic exercise now.


To aerobic, we include running and other cardio loads, which burn a lot of calories. In the article “Running for weight loss,” you can learn more about the effects of running. Running in any case will make your legs slim and attractive, as this activity is aimed at just that. Everyone can run, if you want, you can run in the morning or in the evening, you just need to buy a tracksuit. You can learn more about running from the article “All articles about running at Wolf Workout”. There are a lot of articles about running on this blog. There is something to read, and something to think about.


Squats are an equally interesting exercise that will help to put your legs in order. There are many types of squats, but I want to recommend you a few.

  • Classic squats without weight
  • Bulgarian squats
  • One leg squats
  • Dumbbell Squats

During normal squats on two legs, you should pay attention to the fact that the body weight passes through the heels, and not through the toes of the feet. The back should be kept even and in the most vertical position. The most difficult kind of squats listed are squats on one leg. Squats with dumbbells for more experienced people who have mastered squats without weight. This exercise mainly involves quadriceps, thigh biceps, gluteusmaximus.


Lunges will help strengthen and tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks. This is a simple exercise that can be performed both at home and in the gym. We just take a step forward and sit on our front foot. We put the second on a toe. I will not describe in detail the technique of this exercise, as there are already several articles on lunges on the blog:

Shoulder lunges

Lunges back

Rope jumping

Jumping rope is an aerobic exercise that will help get rid of excess calories even faster than running. But this exercise is a little more complicated. You can learn more about jumping rope from the articles:

Rope exercises

A set of exercises with a rope

Steps to the platform

Walking on the platform also affects the muscles of the legs very well, so this exercise should not be ignored. At first it may seem simple, but it is not, and you will understand it after 50-100 repetitions. The platform should be from 30 to 50 cm high. You can also practice not only stepping out, but jumping, but here you can use a lot more height.


These two exercises also affect the legs, but much less. The front surfaces of the thighs work – quadriceps, but for beginners it also uses the press very well. This exercise can be practiced when there is no strength and desire to train.

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