Ridding your hair of split ends

Split ends have gotten a bad rap as much as tax evasion has. It is however with good reason; it threatens the health of one’s hair. If you’re in that position, not all hope is lost. There is more you can do to get rid of split ends that do not require you trimming or cutting your hair every single time. Mostly, this is a guide on how to reduce or prevent re occurrence.

Change your comb

If you’re using a fine brush, it is time for a change. Using a wide-tooth comb prevents breakage, especially when the hair is wet. You are better off spending more time detangling than tagging and pulling at your hair trying to remove the kinks. Your hair will thank you.

Change your heating tool

You may have already heard that heat can cause split ends, but of you need heat to tame your hair, consider changing what you’re using. The reason why people opt out of high-end low heat blow driers, flat irons and the like is that one’s budget is a bit tight. If you’re in such a predicament, you’re better of saving for a few weeks or month to get something that works,and your hair won’t want to fill out a complaint form template because of the abuse you’re subjecting it to.

Be kind

Most of us don’t treat our hair like a living ecosystem- there are cause and effect for everything we do to it. Shifting your perspective of what your hair is and that it needs extra care will drastically change what you do to it and how you treat it. If you look at it as something precious, then you will be mindful of the products you use on your hair, and suddenly, nothing is priced too high when it comes to your haircare routine, products,and tools.

Leave-In Conditioner

Conditioners are great for making your hair soft and detangling,but if you wash it all way, it does little to help your hair before the next wash. Here is where leave-in conditioner comes in. It aids in reducing the occurrence of split ends and protects the hair strands before styling. What makes such products fantastic is that you can use them on wet or dry hair.

Regular trims

This guide to dealing with spit ends would not be complete without the advice to trim your ends regularly. Given that the tips of your hair are dead at this point getting rid of them leaves the healthy part of the hair strand unaffected. You ought to do this every six to eight weeks for that long, strong, healthy hair most women (and men) desire to have.

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