Relevant Information on Obtaining the Best Silk Pillowcases

When buying silk pillowcases, you will find the following important facts: the type of silk, the number of threads, the weight of the mother, the manufacturing process, the country of origin, and the immateriality of everything: a feeling. The feeling of a silk pillowcase on your face is what combines all the other things. If you don’t think you should, buying is a waste of time and money.

Finding the best silk pillowcases

When looking for silk pillowcases & sleep retreat in Australia, the type of silk used is the first information you should get. If silk is wrong, the rest does not matter. What you are looking for is silk charmeuse or mulberry. The good thing is that most silk bedding is made from this type of silk. If other types of silk are mentioned on the packaging that you see, such as Assam, Tussa, Khabotai or even raw silk, it is better to leave it, return to the Internet and find out what it is. Most likely, they do not give you that soft and luxurious dream that you are looking for.

Although a silk pillowcase is just silk pieces connected by a thread, the thread does not matter much. Almost no manufacturer will designate the type of thread used. It is better to spend your time and energy trying to figure out which design is best for you. While the open bag design of most pillowcases will be the easiest to find, perhaps you should try to find a hidden flap style. This style has a flap that helps keep the pillow in the pillowcase, especially useful when it comes to slippery silk.

Mom’s weight is important, but not too important

16 to 19 are the numbers you are looking for. Above it is too thick, below is too thin. Is mom’s weight mentioned? Relax, it’s between 16 and 19. As for the number of threads, anything above 400, and that will be fine. Do not fall prey to the 1500-thread trick. Although this may be good, prices are not. Besides, some manufacturers overstate the number of threads.

Marketers discuss the country where silk is made, but this is not so important. Thai silk, handmade, may have a different look than Indian silk. Although not bad, these silks may slightly go beyond the Western concept of “soft as silk.”

All the things discussed here, mom’s weight, number of threads where this is done, design, they all work together to give her the feel of a silk pillowcase. This is the most important thing you are looking for: a pillowcase that looks great on the cheek. Find it and everything else will drop out because you just found one of the best silk pillowcases.

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