Memories of life

Memory are best feeling shared whenever and where ever we want to, they are these reason to explain ourselves whether we are living a beautiful life or not. There are several generations and families come together to make a unity one among the other. the time line for the memories applications is ad free and this allows us to save and secure our memories in safe guards and everything that included is sharing memories, moments, and different milestones of our life.

A good memory gives us positive energy

In the year of 2016 this company has launched in Australian country Melbourne city there are all around 206 countries who deal with this company. This performs and is told to be the best treasure for mankind life. Here is our platform named memories which are purely for storing on information regarding our life memory and stories, that we can celebrate it in between our friends and family itself.

 It we can create a time line in this application for our dearest ones who are not with us no more .Moment’s area always present in central place. We can make memories and store them in order to form a story with it. If we take an incident or event as single point then we can start building memories with it by preparing several stories. If everything we are planned to make into a document then no doubt we can build a story with all .the memory company is also told to be one if the best platforms for  age of the person, Brisbane times information’s and other things by use if hundreds of publishers.

First of all try to create a own timeline for our memories, this is same as other networks systems like dace book, instagram etc. In the time line we can share any life events and our pictures to deal with and they start a page for our benefit.

All your memories can be stored in a huge document based on number events we have. Take few precautions assuring the pictures saved there are in safe and secured hands

There must be ease in use of photos; many privacy programmes are done using this so we need to protect our photos. We can schedule message for our dearest to make it so memorable for future ones that massages should be also communicating type and attached one there should be privacy check done for photos, always try to protect them from cyber severities.

 The vault is another option we can make Security for our photos and better service. The memories is best online store and also have shown rooms this company helps to deal with several memories in a lifetime and are stored our time line, which can’t be seen by other friends etc.

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