Make Your Summer Woo with Mangoes

Summer is knocking on your door and this is the perfect time to get some ideas about how you can woo your summer with finger licking and delicious mango recipes. There is a lots of mango recipes you can fin in various recipe books or food recipe blog in he internet. There are many types of item you can prepare with both raw and ripped mangoes at your home. Here in this article I’m going to write about some of those very interesting and delicious dishes which can blow your mind in this coming summer.

Raw Mango Pickle

Raw mango pickle is an India traditional item which is served specially to make the taste of the food spicier and better. Chop green mangoes and add your blend of favorite spices, oil, and salt. Let it dry in the sun for few days until the skin is of the mangoes shriveled. Have it with, after or between your meals.

Green Mango Drinks (Aam Panan)

Aam Panna is an Indian traditional drink which is specially prepared by green mangoes. The making process is no very difficult but the ratio and proportion has to be perfect to enjoy a tasty drink like this. You just need to roast the raw mangoes over flame direly and after that peel the burned skin from it. Now mash-up the flesh and dilute with water with sugar and salt as per your taste. Serve it with ice to your thirsty friends.

Green Mango Chutney

It is a famous dish in Indian subcontinent and people from every corner in India loves it very much. This is an after-meal dessert and the making process in not so tough.  Just peel and chop raw mangoes in little piece and cook it in low flame with spices and oil. Then add sugar (loads of it), stir until a thick sticky consistency is achieved. Serve with small containers after meal.

Mango Lentil Soup

Mango lentil soup is not only a nice dish to enjoy but it is also works brilliantly to cool down your body temperature in summer. This is also an easy to make recipe and if the temperature around you is very high then you must have to have it on a regular basis to avoid unhealthiness in your body due to heat of sun. Chop raw mangoes and boil them for 15 minutes. Cook the lentils as per you regularly do. Mix the boiled raw mangoes in the end of your cooking. You need to balance the salt and the water for a runny consistency and flavor.

Mango Ice-Cream   

Mango ice-cream is always a favorite item for everyone kids and adults. We all love to have it in any time of summer even in the night after dinner. Just mix some milk in ripped mango pulp and fridge it for a while to enjoy the taste of heaven in summer.

So friend, here are the best recipes you can try at your home with green and ripped mangoes. Try it and if you need any suggestion from us or you need to ell us about some delicious recipes by your own then please feel free to contact with us in our website WWW.THEFOODAFFAIR.IN  

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