Learn more about the most common infections during pregnancy

Catching an infection when you’re pregnant can be the most alarming thing ever because your little baby who does not have an immune system of his own will be exposed to many risks and will become vulnerable. When you’re pregnant your immunity cannot resist too many infections. This is because the body does not produce too many antibodies to fight against any infection that you might catch. Having said that, it’s important that you understand that not every small infection is alarming. If you have something like fatigue, morning sickness, common cold and tiredness then you can be rest assured that other pregnant women have it too. It’s still important that you get regular check ups to be completely sure that you haven’t encountered anything bad.

Given here are some of the most common infections that a pregnant woman can get:


  1. Bladder infection: The most common bacterial infection that a lady can get during pregnancy is bladder infection. When this happens, the bladder is inflamed because of the growth of bacteria and this causes a blockage in the draining of urine due to an ever growing uterus. Bladder infection causes pain or a burning sensation when you urinate. You may experience an increase in the number of times you use the washroom to urinate. The area near the bladder might feel tender and will have a slight pressure. This problem is nothing to worry about. It can be easily solved with oral antibiotics and medications for infection in pregnancy. Once the problem is cured, you must go to your physician to confirm that it has truly gone.
  2. Kidney infection: When you leave a bladder untreated for very long, it leads to kidney infection. It is therefore  very important to show a doctor as soon as you experience any kind of pain when you urinate or any of the above mentioned symptoms. If a bladder infection is detected in time and treated properly then there is absolutely no threat to the mother or the baby. A kidney infection can cause low birth weight and premature labour for the mother. An infection in the kidney shows the following symptoms: fever and occasional chills, vomitting and nausea, pain in the lower back. It is important to note that a kidney infection will lead to you and your baby being closely monitored in the hospital for a few days.
  3. Bacterial vaginosis: This bacterial infection commonly known as BV is a very common vaginal infection during pregnancy. This infection is causes due to the decrease of lactobacilli in the vaginal area. This is combined with an excess of overgrowth of a lot of other bacteria residing in the vaginal area. This infection is by far the worse compared to the ones mentioned above. It leads to premature delivery in many cases and can even lead to death of the newborn. Not just that the child may grow up to have several complications.If you encounter cancer during pregnancy which can be the biggest problem you might have to face, make sure you regularly take oncology pregnancy medicine.

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