Law Myths Debunked- 3 Things Every Would-be Attorney Must Know

Almost all of us would’ve, at least once, watched a legal drama or movie with courtroom scenes. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that it makes for a good TV series or film – the stakes are extremely high, much of it is based on all-essential information and the very fact that law is a part of it signifies that something fascinating has come to pass!

Nonetheless for most of you, legal stories and dramas that you get to know from friends and family is all that you know about law. But, are these stereotypes and stories trustworthy?

For most of the part, you can bank on movies and TV series revolving around the legal system to get shut of technical information and leave behind certain mundane facets of legal life. You can look forward to on screen (as well as in the papers!) legal fights to be a tad more black-and-white and good v/s evil than you’ll come across in your daily life – not to mention the attorneys!

Of course, reality is seldom as rip-roaring as fiction, but the portrayal of law perhaps includes odd amount of innovative licence. So, this our endeavour to uncurl certain law myths with the use of some popular TV series and movies along the way.

Law School – Not Scary, Yet With Heaps Of Work

Have you ever watched the film Legally Blonde? If yes, then you perhaps have an idea that law schools are for those who’re dreary and serious – not to mention people who are foul-mouthed to everyone other than their type and have no idea how to dress!

Well, that isn’t true! Students from various backgrounds along with passionately diverse aims on law courses at present in the school, though some let their dream of becoming a human rights or Will writing attorney fall by the edge over a period of time. And we definitely are nicer than what Legally Blonde might suggest.

What the movie does depict well although is that, no matter you are working on you’ve got to understand it inside-out. Of course, you won’t be getting a murder prosecution to lead in the first go, but it certainly takes continual work to attain the goal instead of a small time of cramming!

3 Ring Circus – Speeches and Facts In The Courtroom

There are pretty good chances of the words spoken in legal dramas to be banned considering them to be excessively beside the point and controversial. Although that might make it less or no fun, you must ensure that the panel of judges are presented with more evidence rather than emotions.

You, of course, have to be a good spokesperson in order to do well as a solicitor, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to have incredible acting talent – the ability to present an understandable argument is imperative, specifically when you’re in a jury prosecution.

Although Chicago is a spoof of law that there is some threat of people thinking that one can easily get away through Billy Flynn’s approach of court advocacy, speeches in the court are overplayed in most of the TV series.Silk, on the other hand, has been appreciated for presenting accurate portrayal of life as an English criminal lawyer, yet some of its speeches are considered to be a tad bit emotive.

Also, it’s essential not to overlook the fact that these dramas are most of the times based on mass-action trials or criminal cases; here evidence matters the most and often has a victim!

Big Shot Attorneys – Not The Complete Story

It always feels good to see the ‘protagonist attorney’ pulling off his/her success on their own accord or have a ‘Eureka’ moment. However, in legal dramas this isn’t always the case or the complete story. As with reality, there’s a group of people doing loads of background work whilst preparing for a trial. ‘Erin Brockovich’ has been praised for screening the significance of lawyers who spend time gathering facts, sort out paperwork and put in hours to prepare for the case.

Whilst solicitors must have the ability to work with people they rely on, like junior attorneys and paralegals, law students have to understand that they’ll be doing majority of the legwork! Silk is especially more popular for showcasing the utter amount of groundwork that’s involved in a lawyer’s life. Associated to this is the truth that for most of them, working as an attorney isn’t completely about spending time in court every day or doing good amount of cases.

It’s perhaps a predictable conclusion that we get to hear a lot about the ‘thrilling’ aspects of an attorney’s life and often see things hyped up in films or TV series. It is, however, important to recognise that typecasts about solicitors aren’t always true and you must dig deeper if you wish to know the real side of law!

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