KTM RC 390 –Bike for Racers

KTM RC 390 is a spectacular sports edition bike for racers and adventure lovers. The bike has some high-end features which makes it one of the best sports bike in India. An extremely sporty, agile and fast bike will suffice all bikers need at a single stop. Either you are on the countryside streets or biking on the sports track, the bike is one stop destination for an exceptional sports bike desire.

Technical Specifications:

Engine Details of KTM RC 390

Single cylinder with twin camshaft is what depicts the research development of KTM. The displacement value is incredible which is 373.2 cm cube. The size of the engine cylinder in which the piston travels that is a bore is 89 mm with 60 mm stroke. The power develops by the engine is 32 kW. Amount of carbon dioxide emission is 82 with fuel combustion stands at 3.52.

Chassis of KTM RC 390

The outer frame look of the bike is exceptionally beautiful. The front travel suspension is 125 mm, and rear suspension travel is 150 mm. The brake disc is finely made with 320 mm front dia and 230 mm rear disc brake dia. The sporty bike KTM RC 390 has a steering angle which stands at 66.5 degrees. The tank capacity is nearly 10 litre with the dry weight of 147 kg.

Comfort and Performance of KTM RC 390

The overall ergonomics of the bike is highly appreciable with eye-opening performance. The KTM RC 390 body is inspired from a biking position which enables the sporty look to reach next level. Also, the seat position is made considering the comfortability of you and your pillion. The driver gets the optimal hold of the bike and design is developed to make it comfortable for the long journey. The KTM RC 390 mileage is nearly 25 kmpl.

Bodywork of KTM RC 390



You will be able to do extreme end cornering and cutting steep angle with this kind of bodywork, footpegs and control levers.The twin lights of KTM RC 390 provides easy visibility in a dark environment with integrated blinkers and the thin tail part which makes the sporty look admirable.

Technology of KTM RC 390

The much reliable technology is what makes the KTM RC 390 a high tech bike. Some technical features include ABS, Wire Throttle System for rider’s aid.

KTM RC 390 Price

The KTM RC 390 price begins with 2.42 Lakhs rupees. The bike is available only in one variant which is more than enough to give tough competition to other sports bikes.

Booking KTM RC 390

There are two parameters via which you can go for the booking. Either you contact your nearby KTM RC 390 dealer, or you can go for online booking by contacting websites. Are you also looking for Mercedes Benz cars

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