Importance of Tree Survey before Constructing and Demolishing Property

There are various reasons as to why people plant or cut trees. One of the main reasons as to why people plant trees in around homes or commercial developments is for beauty purposes. Others plant around their firms to prevent soil erosion by rains. Why did you plant trees that? Did you do tree surveys before planting them? If you did not, then you need a professional tree surveyor to check on the trees you planted.  The surveyor will tell you where you went right and where you went wrong. However, the chances of going so wrong in planting are minimal and the surveyor will sort your tree needs and rectify any mistake you could have made. When you want to build a house or demolish a structure you require information about how to go about it in an area where there are trees or trees will be involved. All surveys conducted in the sites of development are done according to the guidelines provided on Trees in connection to construction, design, and demolition.

When the tree surveyor conducts tree surveys on the construction site, a tree arboricultural and tree protection plans are used if need be. The tree protection plan and the arboricultural method include various factors which are;

Site surveying of the area of development or demolition requires a detailed professional plan. The plan indicates clearly the position of the trees, root protection areas as well as the crown spread. Plants with the potential of spreading roots further are positioned away from buildings as they would destroy the structures. The surveyor would also define the building area and possible tree protection measures.

Shade assessment; shade is very important in every building. If not for people, then pets need shades to keep themselves cool during summer. When the shades are wrongly placed, it becomes difficult for erecting structures such as dog kennels and other pet housing structures. Having shades too close to the house may attract deadly insects and animal. Planting tall trees next to the house could also damage the roof of the building by fallen leaves decomposing on the roof. All these problems can be curbed only through doing a thorough tree survey before erecting a building.

Conducting a tree survey before construction provides a useful report to landscape experts. They use the information to know how to landscape the land so as it will look beautiful. They know where to plant shrubs and where to plant trees from tree surveys report. When you look at some developments, you would wonder whether the plants were planted or they were made artificially, the beauty is too much and you wonder how that was achieved. It is simple, as 123. It was achieved through proper tree planting and landscaping.

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