How to Save Money on A Small Move in Sydney

So, you live in a studio apartment and only have a few items to move? Why spend a fortune to have them moved? Follow our moving tips to save money & get yourself a quick & cheap removal in Sydney.

  1. Find A Small-Move Friendly Removalist

Some removal companies are more focused on taking up bigger moving jobs and are not so keen on handling small moves. So, the first step in your moving process is to find a removalist is to find Cheap removalists Sydney for small moves.Find a company that handles small moves with just as much care & dedication as they do for bigger moves.

  1. Find A Flexible Removalist Sydney

Okay, so you’ve found a company that’s happy to handle your small move. But, are they willing to be flexible? The problem with small moves is that, each move is unique.None of the packages they offer might suit your needs. For instance, let’s say you only have two pieces of furniture, a mattress & a sofa, to be moved. In such a scenario, you might want to talk to them and come up with a more flexible option instead of opting for one of their more comprehensive moving packages. So, finding a removalist who’s willing to be flexible and accommodate you is crucial.

  1. Find A Removalist That Hasthe Right Moving Truck for The Job

If a removal company does not have small sized trucks, you will be paying extra for your small move just because they only have larger trucks. So, talk to the removalist and find out if they have smaller trucks for smaller moves.

  1. Request A Timeline for The Move

A small move shouldn’t take too much time, right? But don’t just take it for granted that since you only have a few items to be moved, the move will be carried out in a few hours’ time.If your items don’t fill up the moving truck, some removalists will choose to fill it up with another person’s stuff, and then move the items together. Of course, this is a profitable practice for them, but it also means that you might have to wait for hours or even days to get your items. So, be sure to clarify all this & request a clear timeline when booking Cheap removalists Sydney for small moves.

  1. Find Out If There Are Any Additional Charges or Hidden Costs

Don’t be fooled by cheap rates &fall prey to hidden costs that inflate the final price. Get an accurate price quote for your small move Sydney & ask them if there will be any additional costs. While most reputable removalists will be quick to assure you that they provide upfront quotes, some not-so-trustworthy removal companies willtry to evade that question. And when they do, you will know to not get involved with them.

  1. Fight the Temptationto Do A DIY Removal

It can be tempting to do a DIY removal. After all, you’ve only got a sofa, a couple of boxes and a mattress to be moved. Surely, you can manage to move that with the help of your friends. Of course, you will have to hire a truck or Ute. And of course, you will have to buy your friends pizza & beer to thank them for their help. Let’s not forget that it will probably take you much longer to move the items than it would take professional movers. There’s also the risk of accidents, leading to the damage of the items, or worse, harm to yourself or your friends, to consider.

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