Organising a party on a shoestring budget can be difficult for lots of people, whether they are professionals in organising parties or this is their first time. Some help is always needed to make it easier.

Here are some tips on how to plan an amazing party on a tight budget.

Get an Online Venue Finding Agency

The venue for your party is a key component of your party. Finding a suitable one can be difficult especially when working on a tight budget. There might not be enough money to do the seeking and running around for a venue. A venue finding agency like the Venue Finder will make this easier and cheaper for you. This is because agencies like this often have already established relationships with most venues and they would know how to get the best pocket friendly deals. They also have better understanding of venues in different areas. For example, if you intend to host your party in Coventry, a venue finding agency would have better understanding of the party venues Coventry offers.

Practice Crowd Control

The larger the crowd, the more money you would have to spend catering to their needs at the party. You can streamline your guest list to only those you really want at the party. This can be done by making the event a strictly by invitation event and sending the invite as an email. This way, you reduce the number of attendees and you also do not spend money on creating printed fancy invitation cards.

Get Creative With DIY

From designing your invitation cards which would be sent via emails to getting perfect decor for your party, there is a lot of creative DIY stuff you can do. You do not have to spend so much on procuring fancy decor or getting someone to decorate the venue to your taste. Simply look at the easy things around you and convert them into decor for your party. Grab everyday items, look for DIY ideas online and work with them.

Use a Signature Drink

Together with food, drinks consume a huge chunk of money for parties. There are ways to see that people get to drink without it eating too deep into your budget. To do this, you could simply include “Bring Your Own Drink” to the invites to be sent out. This way, there would be lots of drinks at the party. Another way to handle this is by picking a signature drink for the party. Most times, trying to get a mixed variety of drinks is what is expensive. If you choose a signature drink, you get to control how much you spend. There is also the option of doing the two aforementioned things together. Include “Bring your own Drink” to the invitation card and also get a signature drink for the party.

By following these tips and skipping expensive extras, you can have a super fun party on a tight budget.

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