How To Go About The Process Of Hassle Free E111 Renewal?

It was in the year 2006 when E111 was successfully replaced by EHIC or the European Health Insurance Card. Possessing this card allows individuals to get easy access to foreign healthcare at no cost or reduced fee. Treatment covered by the card is completely dependent on the country that is being visited by the card possessor. However, in majority of the cases, the card possessor is offered medical care until he or she is fit to make a way back home. Individuals might even be covered if they suffer from any pre-existing diseases like heart problems or diabetes. This card is absolutely free of cost and covers individuals when they travel to the European Economic Area(EEA)countries which will include Switzerland as well.

The Process Of E111 Renewal

Previously, it was the E111 renewal form that the UK citizens used for proving their European citizenship provided they required getting medical care while abroad. In case a citizen of UK travelled to any of the countries within the EEA or European Economic Area and required getting medical treatment while still there, he or she could just show the E111 card renewal and get free treatment. However, the card possessors could also get a receipt for claiming the money that they spent on their treatment when they are back home.

What Is Co-Payment?

The E111 has been slightly modified from January 1, 2006 and now it is called EHIC or the European Health Insurance Card. Modifications to E111 rules means that now if you are travelling to a country within the European Economic Area, you have access to medical care in the same way as the citizen of that particular country. This means that you might also have to make a certain payment upfront which will basically be a contribution towards your medical care similar to the contribution that you might have to make in UK for dental care and prescriptions. This contribution is known as co-payment that is non-refundable on your return to the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, if you show your EHIC, you will generally have to make very little contribution. Without the EHIC, you will not be considered a citizen of the EEA which would automatically have you paying complete price of your treatment. Therefore, it can rightly be said that an EHIC saves you a huge amount of money and is essential for your travel to a foreign country. In this context, it is worth noting that your EHIC does not cover you for private medical treatment and care and will also not cover medical expenditures for individuals on cruises.

For UK citizens willing to travel to the EEA countries with their E111 must consider the point that if they still have their E111 renewal, it is no longer valid and they will have to apply for a new European Health Insurance Card altogether. However, for the ones who already possess an EHIC but simply refer to it as an E111 card, it is important to check its expiry date before travelling. This helps in ensuring that the card is still valid for the trip.

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