How do you use a wet grinder for the first time?

Most of the time it is seen that people gets confused to operate the grinder for the first time. In the present day, this work has been made easier with the invention and introduction of advanced manual and techniques. There are some easier steps that can be adopted in using the wet grinder for the first time.  If you have purchased a wet grinder for the first time then there are certain things that should be followed in this case.

  • Proper application of the grinder:

It is better to use some un-used or unwanted rice or urad dal. Add some small quantity of water on the batter so that the drum coating or the stone particles and other items or polish would come off. You should discard the initial batter. After that, wash the whole area and then use it for the next time. It is said the urad dal and rice can be the best component for using the wet grinder for the first time.

  • Check the correct ratio of the ingredients:

You should also be sure about the correct ratio of the water and urad dal or rice. The water content should be sufficient. If insufficient there may be some issues while operating the device. If required you can also enquire about the same from the correct place. The most important thing about this process is to check the appropriate ratio of the ingredients. It is the most important step in this case. So, always run it if the water and other items are of equal proportion.

  • Check the capacity of the grinder :

You should also be sure about the capacity of the grinder. If you have proper knowledge about the grinder’s capacity then it will be an easy process to carry out the work. If it is a small family then 1.25 liter of grinder is enough but in case of big family there should be a grinder that has a capacity of 2 liter. It should be checked from time to time for getting better performance of the grinder. It can be a helpful one.

  • Know about the tilting process:

Also be aware about the tilting process of the grinder. Tilting helps to empty the finely grinded materials without the difficulty to clean or take it out any point of time. Tilting is a very vital process that is often related to this process.

  • Check the other accessories and installation process:

At the same time, also check the associated accessories and installation process before buying it. These are a very important step that is related with the grinders. It should always be kept in mind.

Most of the people usually get confused while using the wet grinder for the first time. But with the help of the above-mentioned steps all this process becomes quite easy and smooth for the users. You can be least assured about the exact way of using the device. Now use your grinder in  a perfect way.

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