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Home Comforts – 5 Upgrades That Will Make Your Caravan Feel Like Home

We buy caravans because our hearts want to wander a path of adventure and wonder, but that doesn’t mean that we have to go without the comforts of home. If you’re after that basic camping experience, a standard fit-out will probably suit you just fine, but if you’re craving a little extra luxury and a vehicle that can truly be called your home away from home, these upgrades will make your caravan just as lovely as your house.

A Proper Cooking Rig

Nothing says home better than a hearty meal you’ve cooked from scratch. Unfortunately that isn’t always an easy task in a van with a standard fit out. The addition of an induction cooktop can make meal time simpler and easier, without compromising on safety or requiring the addition of gas. This gives you the freedom to cook what you want, no matter where you are and can make camping trips a lot more comfortable. The best part about induction cookware is that the heat remains between the stovetop and the pans, meaning your caravan won’t become a sauna when you cook!

Power Up

As fun as camping grounds are, sometimes you just can’t find one that feels comfortable enough to stick around in. While a basic caravan provides protection from certain aspects of roughing it, you’ll still find yourself sitting in the dark if you’re not in a proper park. Unless, of course, you can find a way to produce your own power. Solar panels are a great way to do just that. Unlike noisy generators, they don’t require fossil fuel, and a high-end solar system can run at near silence.

A Better Mattress

Unless you’ve bought a particularly high-end caravan, or added a decent amount of extras before it rolled off the showroom floor, your bed probably isn’t going to be the most comfortable one you’ve ever flopped down in. If you’ve got a standard sized bed in your van, you’ll be able to purchase any mattress that suits your preference. If your sizing is a little more complex, there are still plenty of options available. Foam mattresses are a great choice in this instance as they offer supreme comfort that can be cut to size.

Window Furnishings

You’d be surprised by how big of a difference some decent blinds can make to the comfort within your caravan. For some strange reason, most standard fit outs have little to no window furnishings. Upgrading to even a basic roller blind can have a massive impact. Not only will this help with insulation, making it a lot easier to keep your van cool (or warm, depending on the season), it’ll also provide some much needed privacy, and block out sunlight on those days when you just really need a sleep in. On top of all these practical benefits, beautiful window furnishings make the place feel far more like home.

An Awning

An awning is another great addition that can help make your caravan feel like home. These custom-made attachments provide protection from the elements while also giving off an outdoor lounge room vibe. They’re a great feature for those who need a bit of extra shade on sunny days.

Getting away with the family is a great bonding experience, and caravans make it easy to connect with nature without having to sacrifice creature comforts. These upgrades aren’t essential (there’s a reason they’re called upgrades after all), but they will certainly help you feel a little more at home while you’re out on the road.

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