Holi is considered to be a festival of colors. This festival of colors comes with a lot of joy and happiness. Along with joy and happiness, it brings some unwanted issues as well. Yes, you guessed it right. The color that has been applied becomes the reason behind unwanted issues.

Taking off holi colors after playing holi is one of the difficult tasks to handle. How to Take Off Holi Color from Skin is also so necessary to know. Earlier it was said that apply mustard oil before playing Holi will make it easy to remove the color from the skin. But now no one wants to consider this.

Therefore, it is become necessary to know How to Remove Color from Skin after Holi? Here some of the best ways are mentioned to remove these colors from the skin.

These are:

  • Washing:

If you have played Holi with natural colors then it is quite easy to take off these colors from the skin. Just wash them off. In no time you will see your own skin blooming with grace.

  • Coconut oil:

When you have done playing Holi, before applying any other means to remove the colors, apply coconut oil. This will help you out to take off all the color from the skin. This will act as a natural ingredient and will not cause any harm to the skin during the whole process.

  • Multanimitti:

One can also use the Multanimitti when it comes to removing these stubborn colors from the face or from other parts as well. justmale a paste of Multanimitti and apply this on all the desired parts. Optionally you can add sandal powder to it as well. This will take out all the color off from your skin. Just make sure you remove this pack when it is completely dried.

  • Glycerin along with rose water:

You can also use glycerin along with rose water. Just apply this mixture all over the parts where required and rub it. It will sound a bit sticky but will also take off all the colors from the skin. Just make sure to wash it with warm water. If you go for cold water it will result in an annoying experience.

  • Cleanser:

There are numerous options for cleansers are available in the market. You can choose any according to your skin type. Just go for a suitable one.  Just make sure, a cleanser you are choosing must have Aloe Vera and lemon content in it. This not only cleanses the skin but will also provide you with a soothing effect.

If you want to go totally organic, choose wheat flour. Make a paste by adding some lemon or oil to the wheat flour and apply it to all the parts. Apply this just before you are about to take a shower. Apply this on all the parts having colors. Rub it like a scrub and you will see all the color will come out from the skin.

All these methods are proven out to be beneficial for taking off all the holi colors.

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