GRE-All the confusion is resolved here!

 Looking for studying in the US? Confused from where to start? How it is exactly? What is in this? These are some of the mind-scratching questions every fresher has in the mind when he thinks of going for GRE. Let’s start with what is this exam?

GRE is a standardized test which is the basis of the admission into graduate colleges in the US. Several universities use this criterion for the admission. There are various best coaching for gre in gurgaon where you can start the way of making your dream come true.

GRE Pattern and Sections

As the exam is to evaluate the skills of the students coming from different degrees, the test has three sections commonly which include: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

  1. Analytical Reasoning

With this section, the candidate’s ability to solve issues and arguments clearly and logically is tested.  Here the analytical capability and power of expression are tested rather than the knowledge of the candidate.

  • Verbal Reasoning

The types of questions which are included in the section include Reading comprehension, Test completion and Sentence Equivalence. The overall performance is tested based on the verbal intelligence of the test giver.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

Basic mathematics topics like algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis are being given in this section to test the candidate’s knowledge of maths. You can improve this section by practicing these problems.

Many students are confused about the difference between GRE and GMAT. The major difference between these courses is that GRE exam is for the students who wish to do masters in the colleges and universities worldwide. While, on the other hand, the GMAT exam is for those aspirants who wish to have the business degree globally. Both the exams have verbal and quantitative sections to calculate the ability of the students. But in GRE, the vocabulary is focused more, whereas, the GMAT focuses on the grammar mostly. Apart from this, the quantitative section is quite similar. Withgre classes in delhi, you will be able to crack the exam with good marks.

What is the eligibility for the GRE exam?

There is no age, qualification or time-related eligibility criteria for this exam. The only main requisite for this exam is having the document of the identification. For the people living in India, a valid passport is mandatory. No other documents like Birth certificate, driving license are valid for the exam.

Some Important points:

  1. Before going for the test, one should be aware of the all the requirements, be it the scholarship or the documents for the passport.
  2. Along with this, proper preparation is needed which can be done with some good books and courses. Indulging yourself in regular schedule will help a lot and groom the skills.
  3. Stay updated of all the information of the college which you wish to apply. Be aware of the things required for admission in those colleges.
  4. Don’t forget to give regular mock tests during your preparation. This will help to know more about your strengths and weaknesses.

With all these information, the last thing which is needed to mention is that you have to work really hard and have a good profile in order to get admission to your dream college.

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