Facts about fetal development

After conception fetal development takes place. Baby growth video is at an optimum stage during the course of pregnancy and let us find more about it. Once you are pregnant the first few months would be spend to figure out how the baby is growing or thriving. How big are there and what are the first kicks of the baby going to be like. As far as fetal development takes place a predictable growth pattern is assured. You need to be aware of what happens during the first trimester.

In terms of week 1 and 2, it is all about getting ready. Though it may seem a lot strange but in fact you are not pregnant in the first couple of weeks allotted for the same. Just read between the lines carefully. Conception does occur after a couple of days once your last period is over. In order to arrive at the exact due date your health care provider would add 40 weeks to the date of your last period. What it does mean would be that the period is being counted as part of your pregnancy. This is even though you might have not been pregnant at that point of time.

In week 3 fertilization does take place. At this point of time the egg and the sperm unite that makes an entry on to the fallopian tubes and goes on to form a unique identity of its own referred to as zygote. If it happens that more than a single egg would be released or fertilized. If the fertilized egg splits into two, the chances of zygote increase.

Week 4 means the stage of implantation. At this juncture rapid division of cells occur. The inner lining of cells goes on to form an embryo. The outer layer is going to be part of the placenta as well. This is going to nourish your body throughout the course of pregnancy as well.

In week 5 the levels of hormones tend to rise. The main hormone in play happens to be the HCG hormone. They go on to send a signal to the ovaries to stop release of the eggs and when an increase in these levels of this hormone occurs your periods are stopped. As observe the embryo is made from three major layers.

At around week 6, the neural tube goes on to close. At this point of time growth tends to be pretty rapid. After 4 weeks of conception, the neural tube along with the back of your baby tends to close. The spinal cord along with the back of the baby tends to develop. At this point of time the heart along with other organs of the body starts to grow. More clarity could be obtained from a pregnancy growth video where visual images are presented.

For the ears of eyes, structures are needed for development and this tends to happen at this point of time. Small buds may go on to become arms in the days to come.

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