Everything you need to know about Hampta Pass Trek Booking

Hampta pass trekking is a moderate trek located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This 4-day long trek takes the trekkers through various Himalayan terrains ranging from forests, meadows, grasslands, snow-covered slopes to the barren landscapes of Spiti-Lahaul Valley. The Hampta pass has been a historic pass which has been used by the shepherds of Spiti and Lahaul to cross over to the Kullu Valley. The desert landscape of Spiti lies barren in winter and hence the shepherds used to undertake an arduous journey across the Hampta Pass to reach the green and lush Kullu valley.

Though the Hampta pass trek is a moderate trek it is advised to not do it alone. Since the landscape varies so much, it is easy for a person not acquainted with the area to lose their way. The climate in the mountains is also very unpredictable and hence there might be unforeseen circumstances. That is why it is suggested you do you Hampta Pass trek booking with a reputed travel company. The travel companies are mostly operated and guided by the locals of the area and they have the expertise and the experience of dealing with sudden emergencies.

Below you can find all the details you need to know before your Hampta Pass trekking.

Duration: 4 Days

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trekking Length:  26 kilometres approx.

Maximum Altitude: 14,110 feet

Route: Manali- Chika- Balu ka Gera- Siagoru- Chatru- Chandratal- Manali

Brief Itinerary:

Day 1: Jobra/Chika to Balu ka Gera

The trek begins in the maple, rhododendron and deodar forests of Jobra and passes through the grasslands of Chika. Halfway  through the trek you reach Jwara which is popular for its rivers and rivulets. In the end you arrive at the sandy campsite of Balu ka Gera. Retire for the night in the tents.

Day 2: Balu ka Gera to Siagoru

This is the D day when you cross the Hampta Pass. Passing over huge boulders and large swathes of snow covered slopes, you cross the pass around noon. After spending some time there, you move on to the village of siagoru which is located in the Spiti-Lahaul Valley.

Day 3: Siagoru to Chatru

From Siagoru, it is a completely downhill trek to Chatru. Chatru has very little vegetation and falls under the category of barren. It is at the confluence of Rohtang Pass, Hampta Pass and Spiti valley.

 Day 4: Chatru- Chandratal

Chandratal is a crescent shaped high altitude lake in the spiti valley and the last day requires trekking to Chandratal from Chatru. After spending some time at the lake, it’s time to head back to Manali in shared cabs. The trip comes to an end here.

So these were the few details that you need to make your Hampta Pass trek booking. Booking with a decent trekking company ensures that you have a safe and happening trip.

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