Essential Elements of aWebsite

Today, digital presence is a very important factor for any business and now it is easier with GO-Globe “Singapore web design”. Surely you will have heard the popular saying that if “it is not in Google it is because it does not exist.” It really is not a simple saying, the Internet is part of our lives, and now it is almost normal to want to find any business or brand in the digital world.

For this reason, in addition to creating profiles on social networks, it is also important to think about creating an optimized website; It works as the heart of your online presence and is the basis of all your campaigns or digital marketing strategies.

Characteristics of a Website

With this great world of possibilities on the creation of websites, what are the points that we must take into account when creating a site? This is the question that motivated us to write this post. Well, regardless of the type of site, there are some important features that you should keep in mind to professionally create the website you imagine.

It is very important to know what are the characteristics that your website will need, taking into account the objective and the audience you are addressingclick here. Some sites opt for more images, others for more movement and contrasts. For this reason, in this post I want to introduce you to the key parts that every website should have for readers to find the information in an easy and simple way.


Let’s start talking about home; this is the first page your readers reach where the most important information is, and it works as the center of your website. You should make sure that, no matter where your reader is on the website, you should easily find a link that always directs you to the home page.

This page should always have an easily accessible link so that your readers can return to the home page whenever they need. Although it may seem basic, many pages do not have a link that takes you home quickly, making browsing the site more difficult.

The home should not necessarily say “home” or home page. Many websites place this link in the main logo of the page, in this way, no matter where they are on the website, they can always return to the beginning with a single click.

Page About Us

The page about us will explain to your visitors who your company is, your experience, your collaborators or your history. It is very important for people who are knowing your website to know who you are, where you work and a little of your experience in the market. It is important for readers and the general public to know the philosophy and principles of your company.You can also include information about your work team, your values, and the way you work.

Contact Information

Surely you have ever entered a web page that you found very interesting; However, when it came to wanting to get in touch it was impossible because there was no space for this information on the website. Many websites choose not to post this information and, instead of giving an address or a phone number, they create a form.

This can be an excellent option; If you take proper care of the messages, you respond promptly and create a good relationship with your audience. Otherwise, you will lose customers or readers who fail to communicate with you, and as a consequence you will lose interest in your service.

Search Engine

The search engine works on your website in the same way that Google works on the internet. It is a space within your site, which is usually represented by a magnifying glass and a field to write the topic you are looking for. Today, this search engine is one of the most important parts of a website, because in many cases, people go directly to the search engine to type what they are looking for before exploring the entire website.

If you have a search engine on your website, make sure it works correctly. There are search engines that instead of helping the reader, direct it to an external page, which could be that of your competition.

Buttons that Connect to Social Networks

Although the website is the center of your presence in the digital world, social networks are elements of great strategic importance, to ensure that more people reach your website and stay informed about your business. It is a very effective way to increase traffic between your website and your social networks.

It is important that you keep in mind that each social network is designed for a different audience, and it depends a lot on the strategy of your brand, because it is not worth having profiles on all social networks if they are not feeding your customers with content.


If you have a website where you offer products or services, content must be a fundamental part of attracting new customers. The blog is an excellent tool to create and group this content. Relevant topics for your audience such as advice and case studies will help you be a reference in your work sector. Do not forget that having a blog is not enough.

Creating a website is not an easy task, every detail can make a difference to conquer more readers. You can do it yourself or through the hiring professionals of Singapore web design they willinfinitely forms and styles of your websites; unleash your creativity and create the website of your dreams.

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