E Tax Submissions: Your best Options

The electronic submission of the forecast is not final until April 1, but it can still be corrected or re-submitted. The Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia has ensured that they will take into account the last submitted submission by that date. Forget-me-nots will be able to submit forecasts even after April 1, but they will be warned that this is not in accordance with the law, and the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia will initiate proceedings against them in the same way as before for “paper” latecomers.

Users who do not want to submit personal income tax returns via the E-personal income tax system will once again have access to the TARS online form, which will actually be the same as in the E-personal income tax, but of course will not allow electronic tax returns.

The Surprises You Will Not Know

One of the biggest and most positive surprises of the program is the ability to issue a power of attorney. Income-taxable and computer-educated citizens can be authorized by their family members, neighbors or co-workers to fill in their personal income tax return.

The authorization form can be obtained on the E-taxes website and sent to the administrative unit. After the confirmation of the authorization, the possibility of submitting a personal income tax return for the person who authorized it simply appears in the commissioner’s invoice on E-taxes. Of course, the commissioner has full access to all the data of this person, but, last but not least, it is the same when filling out the paper form. Using the tax calculator is important.

  • E-income tax, as its still trial operation was shown to us at the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, is a solid program that will certainly help citizens to do business with the state much easier. Despite its ease of use, we still hoped that the user interface would be even simpler for the user – for example, something similar to a wizard – but DURS said that more radical changes cannot be expected so quickly.

For the Tax

Although E-income tax was promised some time ago, it must be acknowledged that it is better late than never. Let us hope that other procedures for the informatization of the state administration will be carried out faster and with fewer complications, but at least of the same quality.

CBS Income tax

The DZS was among the first to offer a program for calculating personal income tax returns and they are also the only ones with a really large background. Therefore, at first glance, the greater complexity of their program is noticeable, but this is mainly due to the greater number of possibilities. Namely, the CBS program is the only one that enables printing directly on the printed form for personal income tax assessment.

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