Domain Name Dilemma: The ABCs of Online Business

Guess what is the estimated number of existing domain names there in Q2 of 2019? 351.8 mln according to Verisign. When I first started out in internet marketing, I didn’t know much about the first thing about “domain names”. Even less about brand building, long-term perspectives and of course domains value. In the years that followed, I learned so much more about domain names and why it’s important to pick the “right” one.

I’ve bought many a domain name over the last few years.  Some of those have been pretty good and some were not so good.  I’m at the point now where I put a lot more research into my names before I make a purchase.  When I’m researching a domain name for a niche, I want one that as soon as it’s indexed, will rank pretty high in Google for at least one or two decent keyword phrases.  Now I’m positioned to move to the top of the heap with the least amount of effort.

What does it mean to get a “good” domain name?  “Who cares” you ask?  There are various reasons for picking the right domain, but one of the most important in my opinion, is the free web traffic that you can pick up if you’ve done your research.

I created a quick costs overview for the domains sold in 2018,  that I’d like to give away to my visitors.  If you would like to catch a domain of your dream, please visit this page, provide your name and email address and say you are looking for a domain purchase guide. The guide is nothing fancy, but hopefully it will help people who may not already have a domain name.  And if you do have a name, you can always pick up a 2nd, 3rd or more for future websites. The number of factors influencing a domain value is countless, and involve number of referring domains, web archive history, business history and end up story, social popularity, and many more.

Haphazard Backlinks

A lot of people mistakenly believe that a backlink is a backlink and therefore getting as many as possible is the goal. This could not be further from the truth. A solid, high-quality backlink is far better than 20 low quality links. With this in mind, it is pertinent to avoid haphazard backlink creation methods and of course the domains built on these. Instead, you should seek out legitimate backlinks from authority website. This will prove to be much harder in the long run, but it will also be well worth it. Also, it is vital to remember that too many negative backlinks could result in your website being penalized by Google. Choose wisely and always strive for the highest quality links possible!

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