Does Sustainable Takeaway Packaging Exist?

Are you looking for information on sustainable packing being the owner of a café? There are bigger issues to address for café owners than sustainable packaging. You may follow certain tips to offer sustainable takeaway packaging to save our environment and your money. In these Corona times when people cannot make it to the restaurants, hotels and eateries, businesses look forward to offering delivery and takeaway options.

Compostable packing is a way to sustainable takeaway packing

If you offer food to be taken home, then go for compostable packing. Compostable packing may be kept in the backyard for composting. Compostable packing is constituted of environment-friendly materials like cardboards, sugarcane and are organic. However, make sure the materials are not of plastic so that they cannot be composted. You may also choose commercially compostable materials that you cannot compost in your home.

Bagasse to keep the food hot

Is the food prone to leak? Bagasse, made up of sugarcane pulp, is a suitable packing material option in that case. There is another benefit of choosing bagasse, that is, it keeps the food hot and fresh. Sugarcane pulp or bagasse is again microwavable, freezer-proof and is also leak-proof. But, it is important to check the bagasse lid closely and ensure it is secured firmly with tabs. You may even go for a bioplastic lid as that fits snugly. This is so because bioplastic does not like hot food or steaming food, and so you need to use a lid of plastic for safety purposes.

When to choose cardboard?

Cardboard is a suitable option for dry foods or foods not wet. However, you may also get a cardboard container, featuring bioplastic lining, to store wet food. But, this sort of packing material is not home compostable. Therefore, it is good to settle for bagasse.

Material for sauce container

To store sauce and other items carrying citric acid, go for a sugarcane material container carrying a bioplastic lid. Don’t choose to use and throw sauce sachet for that is simply a waste of money. To store cutlery, bamboo wood is a suitable option. Similarly, a PLA lined paper cup is a suitable option for cold cups or straws.

Sustainable takeaway packing should be fit for the purpose. Buy only certified packing materials that are compostable. All these products may easily be ordered online. There are local distributors who can provide quality products. You may look for Australian, UK and USA standards takeaway packing materials. 

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