Discovering Fraser Range in Western Australia

Think outside the box next vacation that you go on. Consider visiting a new destination that you’ve never been to before. There is a country that will surely leave you with memories that can last a lifetime. Australia is a place that is rich in nature, fun experiences, and unique landscapes that are hard to find anywhere else. It’s worth traveling through in a campervan hire.

As you get to know the country in a campervan hire, you’ll be amazed at all that it has to offer. One destination that you will want to include on your itinerary is Fraser Range. For the individual who loves adventure and experiencing something new, you won’t regret getting to know this unique part of Western Australia.

As you plan, considering the following positives about spending time in Fraser Range as you journey from Norseman to Balladonia. Fraser Range Station is where most people go to stay over for the night, and there are a number of things to do while there. You may find that it’s a destination that you don’t want to miss seeing.

  • Eucalyptus Hardwood Forest is gorgeous and worth exploring-If you like plants, Fraser Range Station is a great spot for observing them in the Eucalyptus Hardwood Forest. In fact, this is the largest hardwood forest that exists in the world, so if you are all about trees and nature, this is going to be a highlight for you. It’s an iconic forest and you don’t want to miss out.
  • Hiking the summit is a great way to spend your time and get some exercise-If you like the great outdoors and want to break a sweat, you can climb Mt. Pleasant. Although it’s not really that difficult, this walk will be a rewarding one and will provide you views of the landscape. Make sure to wear proper shoes, because although it isn’t steep, there are some local creatures that you’ll want to stay protected from. If you’re the type of person who loves a good pictures, then you’ll want to bring your camera for a sunrise hike. You can be sure that you will get envy-inducing pictures to share with your friends and family back home.
  • There are several local animals that you can “get to know”-From dogs to horses, goats, and calves, there are plenty of animals around the grounds, so if you’re an animal lover, you’ll appreciate the experience.Okay, so it’s not the number reason why you’ll want to make sure to come this way on your trip to Australia, but if you’re going to be visiting Fraser Range anyway (as you very well should), then take some time enjoying the multitude of animals that hang around these parts.
  • Take a ride in the 4WD yellow bus and get to know about this gorgeous area-If you don’t feel like walking or would like to get to know the area, the station has a 4WD bus that can take you around the area. It’s a fun way to get to know the beauty of this spot, without you having to do anything but sit back and relax. A lot of people like to opt for the 4WD as a way to see the whole area without having to exert themselves. If you are taking your time and enjoying a leisurely road trip, it’s a nice way to explore the bush without actually having to traverse it by foot.
  • Visit the longest golf course in the world– If you are a golfer visiting the area, you may as well spend some time golfing at a very particular golf course that offers the longest course around. While it isn’t the most challenging course, it truly is a fun and relaxing experience for those who just want to take a break while spending time doing their favorite pastime. One thing is certain, you probably haven’t played on a golf course like this one.

Fraser Range may not be your typical vacation destination, but if you’re going to be traveling around Western Australia, you may as well take your time to see this interesting area that has a lot of historical significance and unique scenery. Plus, it will probably be on the way to where you’re going, so while it may not be your destination, it’s a great pit-stop.

It’s one of the many must-see stops along the Eyre Highway, and many visitors find it to be a relaxing stop while road tripping Western Australia. If you’re in the mood to see some unique Australian animals, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a kangaroo or two hopping around on your trip.

Pack up your campervan hire and try doing something unique for this trip. The bush in Australia is quite fascinating and much different than almost any kind of landscape that you may be accustomed to (unless you’re Australian).

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