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Culture Crunch: 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Workplace Culture While Working Remotely

The pandemic has shifted the ethos of most workplaces, with many organizations letting people work from home or from serviced office suites. Though this has allowed businesses to stay afloat and continue offering employment, it has had an impact on company culture.

Does working remotely mean your positive team environment will suffer? Not necessarily. There are ways to maintain your company culture and make sure people aren’t binge-watching Netflix while claiming to be “at work.”

  1. Replicate Keystone Cultural Elements At Home

Visualize your work environment and think about what some of its admirable cultural characteristics are. Perhaps everyone starts the day with a 9 am standup meeting. To replicate this, initiate a conference call or group chat at the same time every morning.

If positive client feedback is what drives the team to work harder, be sure to keep sharing this with your team so their source of inspiration isn’t lost. Whatever your key cultural elements are, find ways to replicate them from a distance.

  1. Set Goals And Deadlines

While your employees all have the best intentions of getting their work done on time, the home environment is rife with distractions. Goal setting can be a great way to avoid distractions and keep things on track.

Take advantage of project management tools like Monday or Slack to ensure everyone is working as a team and tracking towards their goals. Your team will get the satisfaction of ticking off completed tasks from the list and they’ll be able to see each other’s progress too.

These platforms are designed to ensure that managers can keep track of their staff and progress on active projects. You too can check up on yourself and be motivated to work, knowing incomplete tasks will be noticed.

  1. Communicate and Check-In

For most people, working from home is hard as they miss the human interaction that comes with being at the office. Communicating with each other via phone, chat, and video conference is essential as it can eliminate the feeling of social isolation. Keeping in touch regularly will help with team morale and make it easier to identify and iron out any problems that may arise.

  1. Choose The Best Remote Working Tools

For a while, everyone raved about Zoom and how it was the best way to connect people working from home. Then companies tried out Flock, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Having too many platforms can feel overwhelming, especially for technologically challenged team members. So, choose one platform that has all the functions your organization requires.

For example, if all you need is to schedule online meetings and put important dates on a calendar, Google Meet is your best option. Whichever platform you choose, be sure to take your team through an instructional meeting and let them know that they can always email you for help if they’re struggling.

  1. Create New Ways To Interact

Working from home has many perks, like not having to wait in traffic all morning. Use social interaction apps to celebrate the free time you have when work ends at 5 pm. You could use the hour it would take you to get home from work on Friday afternoon to play games, socialize, and share memes to make team members laugh.

By interacting with your team members on a casual basis, you can challenge them to try new things (take a new course, present new ideas to the company, or even write a book).

Though it may be challenging, you can recreate your workplace culture from home. All it takes is a little creativity in leveraging the technological tools at your disposal.

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