Consumption of chocolate during pregnancy

Pregnancy happens to an important phase in the life cycle of a woman. it is rated to be precious as you do give birth to another human being. There are lot of apprehensions and the logic would apply that no harm should occur to the developing baby. There will be lot of advice that will be pouring in from various quarters. Let us now analyse whether coffee and chocolate while pregnant is something to be consumed or avoided.

It would be safe for pregnant women to consume chocolate during pregnancy as research also supports this fact. But pregnant women should keep in mind that the caffeine intake needs to be less than 200 mg per day. Chocolate is powered with caffeine and when it is found in abundant quantities in the human body it goes on to disrupt the normally functioning. Coupled with the fact you could be prone to diabetes or excess weight gain because of more calories. It is all about moderation and excess intake of chocolate is going to do you more harm than good. If you are still concerned about the correct amount of chocolate intake then consult your doctor.

There are various types of chocolates in the market and each of them comes in varied structures. Not all types of chocolate could go on to be a cause of concern for pregnant women. But there are other types of chocolates which go on to provide various benefits and one of them is dark chocolate. The health benefits of coffee and chocolate during pregnancy are immense. Let us now clearly understand on how to consume them.

Dark is the buzzword

The key is to opt for a dark version of chocolate in comparison to the milk version. There are close to 600 important compounds and flavonoids embedded in cocoa are important. The reason of it is that they are blessed with antioxidant properties. So on all counts dark chocolate are best for pregnant women.

Avoid mousse

Chocolate contains mousse and it needs to be avoided during the course of pregnancy. It is not something that is voiced for the health of a child as well. The main reason to avoid it is because of the bacteria content that could pass on to the developing baby. It would be better if you stick to the other type of chocolate forms during the period of pregnancy.


During the times of pregnancy it is suggested that you limit the intake of caffeine. It would be better if you limit the consumption to less than 200 mg as the chances of miscarriage are on the rise. The caffeine intake of certain forms of chocolate is on the higher side. If you consume it with tea or coffee then the percentage could exceed the prescribed limits. This does go on to pose a lot of danger during this critical juncture. For example one and half ounce of chocolate is likely to contain 9 mg of caffeine and a dark chocolate contains 43 mg.

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