Car rental in the United States

You want to explore the great American spaces, travel the tropical roads of Florida, cross the national parks, crisscrossing the legendary Route 66? Unless you opt for organized bus tours (minimal freedom, no flexibility), or use the Greyhound bus network, the only transportation network that covers most of the US territory, you will need to plan the rental of a car. Here is the renting car guide in USA. Just keep reading!

Attention, car rental prices offered since the beginning of the year 2019 are particularly high especially for the summer period. We had much better prices before the holidays, but they suddenly increased with the holidays and do not seem to want to go down. If you leave in the summer of 2019, we advise you to book even if prices are high because there is no guarantee that better prices will appear later, and prices may continue to increase and availability for vehicles that you are looking for may disappear at certain stages. Quit maintaining your watch and cancel to re-book if new rates finally appear.

Minimum driving age

The minimum driving age is 16 years in most states. However, if you rent a car the rental company has its own limits so you can do it, usually around 24 years.

Maximum speed limits

Maximum speeds in the United States

In most states this limit is 70/80 miles per hour (about 130 km per hour), unless there are signs indicating an upper or lower limit. There is a margin of about 5 miles per hour that is usually “forgive”. There is strict control through radars, especially on the east coast and near large cities.

Keep in mind that there is also usually a minimum limit and one to drive at night.

Pay attention to taxes, fees and insurance

Renting a car in the United States is easy. There are many rental companies belonging to national (or international) networks as well as local actors. There are many renters with particularly attractive prices such as $ 9.99 / day. However, these prices do not include the various mandatory taxes (remember that prices are almost always quoted excluding US tax) and the various optional but essential insurance. Now, if it is a particularly important point if you want to drive in the United States, then you must absolutely be insured. In the event of an accident, damages can reach astronomical sums in the United States.

There are several options available for renting a car for your trip to the United States: take a package Flight + Car, take separately your car rental on site from your arrival in the United States or book your car online in advance, separately from your flight. After many years of experience comparing the offers of the renters and the tour operators, we have arrived at the following final conclusion: the cheapest option (insurance included) and allowing the most adjustment to your needs is booking your car in advance, separately from everything else.

Renting on site is always a bad option, much more expensive, and unclear when it comes to insurance. As for flights + car packages, when they are competitive, they often book unpleasant surprises (insurance insufficient or to be paid locally extra).

Privilege the big networks and book before leaving

By booking with a large renter,  all essential insurance is included, including the full surrender of the franchise which guarantees you never have to pay anything, including in case of light scratches, small hanging or other. The car is 100% covered. Other insurances are then offered as an option on the spot, especially for people (individual accident), personal effects (eg theft of luggage in the car) or assistance in case of breakdown / accident (roadside assistance). These additional insurances are obviously optional, the most important being above all to be insured to the third party with increased civil liability and to have his vehicle covered 100% in case of theft or accident. In order to obtain the best price, you will have to make a simulation on all the sites of the different countries in order to find the cheapest one.

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