Benefits of eating high cocoa content chocolates

Chocolates are something that everyone loves. There are different variations of chocolates that are available these days in the market. One can get to see a lot of flavours and shapes when it comes to chocolates these days.

When one thinks of sending chocolates by post they can go for the major variations of chocolates like milk chocolates, dark chocolates and semi sweet ones. But studies have said that having dark chocolates can be very beneficial for health. They are made from the seed of the cocoa tree and it is the best anti oxidants on the planet. It is said that dark chocolates can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Here are some major benefits of having dark chocolates:

  • If the dark chocolate has a very high cocoa content then it is very much nutritious. They contain a good amount of soluble fibre and they are loaded with minerals. When a 100 gram bar of dark chocolate has 70 to 80 percent of cocoa then it contains a good amount of fibre, iron copper, manganese and magnesium. So, when one consume them in moderation then it is very good for health. They have saturated fats and theobromine which can keep the heart healthy.
  • Dark chocolates have a lot of anti oxidants. They also have a lot of organic compounds which are biologically active and they also function as anti oxidants. They also have flavonols, polyphenols and catechins. Anti oxidants can always increase he immunity power in a human body.
  • The flavonols that are present in dark chocolates can also stimulate the endothelium, the lining of the arteries in order to produce nitric oxide. This nitric oxide also sends some signals to the arteries to relax and lowers the resistance to blood flow and as a result it reduces blood pressure. The bioactive compounds can improve the blood flow in the arteries and cause a significant decrease in blood pressure.
  • When one consumes dark chocolate then it can reduce the risk factor for heart disease. It significantly decreases the oxidised cholesterol in men and increases the amount of HDL and reduces LDL in case of those who are suffering from high cholesterol. Dark chocolates can also reduce insulin resistance which is another major reason for a lot of heart diseases. Dark chocolate improves several important risk factors for disease. It lowers the susceptibility of LDL to oxidative damage while increasing HDL and improving insulin sensitivity.
  • The compounds that are present in dark chocolates are highly protective against the oxidation of LDL. This can cause much less cholesterol accumulation in the arteries and result into the lowering risk of heart diseases. Cocoa can reduce a lot of health risks in case of elderly human beings.
  • Dark chocolates are good for skin. It can protect the skin against sun damage and also improve the blood flow by increasing the skin density and hydration.

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