All You Need To Know About MRI Scans

MRI scan or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one type medical imaging process of your body which use radio wave and strong magnetic fields for getting all disease related details of your body. For this process, technicians are using a large tube which contains the powerful magnets. Patients lie on the tube at the time of examination.

It is useful for examining the several parts of your body those are:

  • Brain and spinal cord
  • Bones and joints
  • Breasts
  • Heart and blood vessels
  • Internal organs, such as the liver, womb or prostate gland

This imaging process is very helpful for the diagnosis of your organs conditions and makes a proper plan for the treatments in an effective way.   At the time of MRI scan, people have to lie on the flatbed and its move into the scanner. This scanning is happen depending on the part of your body and for starting the entire process, you have scanned your feet first or your head.

This scanner is mainly operated by a well-trained radiographer who can carry it for the imaging investigations. They use the computer for controlling the scanner which is fitted at the different room and away from the magnetic field which is generated by the scanner. At the time of scanning process, you can talk to the radiographer over an intercom and they can see you on the screen of the television monitor.

During the scan, the MRI machine will make loud noises of tapping which is the electric current inside the scanner coils. At the turn-off and on it happens. Trainer will provide you earphone to wear at the time of MRI scan. Try to keep your body still at the time of MRI. The full process will take 15 to 90 minutes for the scanning which depends on the size of the scanned area of your body. In India the best MRI scan in Chennai is available in reasonable price.

The main unit of the human body is water molecules which consist hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Protons are at the center location of hydrogen atoms and only a tiny magnetic field can identify all the sensitive parts of your body. When patients lie on the powerful magnet scanner then the protons of your body lines up in the same direction and magnet pull those at the needle of a compass.

Needed safety of MRI scanner:

The scanning of MRI is very safe and painless procedure. Maybe it is quite uncomfortable for having claustrophobia, but this is manageable by the radiographers.  X-ray radiation is not included in this process so the side effects of this process are very low. It is good for the pregnant women and babies who want to avoid radiation ray. At MRI scan centers in Chennai you will get modern and advance scanner machine for the procedure.

Conclusion: Before one day of the medical imaging you should eat, drink and take any medication as per your normal life. In some special case, you have to eat or drink four hours before the scan you have to follow the advice.

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