All you need to know about GRE

To Ace a GRE examination, vocabulary is quite crucial. It is reckoned that having a competentGRE vocabulary can get you a 320+ score on your examination.

Sections under GRE examination-
• GRE test is scored between 260 to 340 points. 80 points are the highest value that can be scored. 40 points, out of these 80 are allotted to the quantitative reasoning section. Your presence of mind can help you attain these points.

• The other 40 points are allotted to the section which tests your verbal reasoning. Under this section, 20 points fall under the comprehension section. To gain full accuracy in this section all you need is good reading and elimination skills. Vocabulary again does not play much of a role in this part of the test.

• The second part of this section consists of sentence equivalence questions and text completion. Around fifty percent of these questions are based on reasoning and vocabulary, which makes it easier to gain a total of ten points considering your Reasoning skills are up to the mark.
If a candidate pays enough attention to the math, reading and reasoning skills section, 70 points out of 80 can be easily attained, which equals a total of 330 points out of 340.

GRE pattern-
The GRE examination consists of two sections. Quants and verbal. The idea of the examination is to test the capability of the student for logical understanding in an allotted time. GRE is not known to have a fixed syllabus. Alternatively, the ETS provides five sections that complete an outline.

Verbal test under GRE-
The GRE deals with the student’s Logical reasoning through a profusion of details. A student must understand the relationship between sections of a sentence and examine the sentences, paragraphs as well as passages. Through continuous efforts, a student can develop the skill of converting the words into sensible language at a good speed.
The student is also required to test the dynamic between words and summarize the text In his mind before arriving at a solution.

Skills required-
• Effective GRE vocabulary– having an exceptional vocabulary makes it easier to crack the test. Students, with practice, can improve their command over the language.

• Quick grasp for comprehension- acquiring the skill of a good comprehension speed can enhance your chances of a high score on your test.

• Reading and answering skills- the GRE tests a student’s grasp on the flow of passages and the subordination of paragraphs which helps them in selecting the right answer. The test evaluates the nature of choosing the right answer in a lesser amount of time.

GRE is considered to be a critical criterion that is adhered to by the admission council and a good GRE score can enhance a student’s chances of attaining admission and financial aid. The examination prep can appear to be a scary task when students misinterpret the test’s true complication during the time they are at a mental obstruction. A stage vise attempt towards the exam is necessary for changing how a student views the examination.

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