Add Style in Your Place: Buy Pots and Planters

People have become obsessed with plants lately for many reasons. It is one of the items that give the feeling of calmness. It adds to the aesthetics of your place. Moreover, it contributes a lot to the environment. As mentioned, plants are used for many reasons and to many establishments as well. Hotels, offices and even in your household. There are indoor plants that are considered to be aesthetically pleasing. A factor that can also bring color and life to your plants is by using pots and planters. All that is very unique in design and shape is available right now at The Reject Shop. An online eCommerce platform that sells various goods and items. One of which is for plant uses.

It is very cheap and affordable

One of the aims of The Reject Shop is having items that are low-cost but are actually usable. They have toiletries, Gifts Toys, Stationeries and so much more. One of their very famous items is those items for planting.  They have very stylish and adorable shaped pots that you can use. Both for your home or in your business buildings. With all that said, below are some of the most affordable prices they have in store:

  • Round Planter 19cm(h)$2.50
  • Plastic Pot Mini 16pk$2.50
  • Plastic Pot Mini 8pk$2.50
  • Plastic Pot with Saucer 21cm – $2.75
  • Terracotta Planter Leaf Pattern Small – $3
  • Dimply Black Ceramic Flower Pot Small – $3
  • Dimply Ceramic Flower Pot White Small – $3
  • Plastic Pot 28cm – $4.25
  • Terracotta Planter Leaf Pattern Medium – $5
  • Dimply Black Ceramic Flower Pot Medium – $5
  • Dimply Ceramic Flower Pot White Medium – $5
  • Plastic Trough with Saucer 45cm$5.50
  • Recycled Plastic Pot 27cm – $6
  • Plastic Pot 35cm$6.50
  • Plastic Pot with Saucer 34cm – $6.50
  • Terracotta Planter Leaf Pattern Large – $7
  • Dimply Black Ceramic Flower Pot Large – $7
  • Dimply Ceramic Flower Pot White Large – $7
  • Nova Pot White Wash Small – $8
  • Resin Ribbed Pot 32.5cm – $10
  • Recycled Plastic Pot 32cm – $10
  • Nova Pot White Wash Medium – $12
  • Plastic Pot with Saucer 37cm – $13
  • Fiber Clay Pot Charcoal & Rust Small – $14

As you can see from the list, their items only go around $14. It increases for a bit depending on the type. As well as the intricate designs and sizes of the pots. Nevertheless, their pots have one of the most stylish and edgy designs you may want in your household. It fits in places like offices and hotels as well. Their website is very good and efficient if you want to buy it in bulk. That way you can save more than you spend. All while having the most high-end and quality pots and planters.

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