Acquire the Best Training in SAFe and Become a SAFe Agilist

Want to get trained by the best professionals in the field? Xebia Academy offers the best SAFe Training in Pune. Through this training, you will be able to apply a SAFe Agile framework at the corporate level and will be able to manage tasks in a better and effective manner. To make matters simple, the SAFe Agile framework is effectively divided into three parts, namely, team, program, and portfolio.

You will be able to devise strategies for product development that will prove beneficial for the company. Through this course, you will become aware of the various functionalities of becoming a SAFe Agilist. It is important to know about the path before you choose to tread on it.

You will be trained by experienced professionals you have surplus knowledge about the said field and will able to give you an insight into the course and its working.

What you will Learn via the Scaled Agile Training in Pune

  • The methods you will learn through this course are applicable in manila of fields. You will be taught how to apply the theories and principle of SAFe Agile in the most productive manner.
  • Through the SAFe Training in Pune, you will be able to enhance team productivity by bridging the gap between the various teams working on a project.
  • Learn to perform Agile transformations at the corporate level and contribute to the company‚Äôs sustainable growth.
  • The biggest job of a SAFe Agilist is to bring thee, different teams, together seamlessly so that the product is developed in complete harmony. It is important that there is proper sync between the different teams of a company to work better.
  • To ensure that the product or assignment is delivered as per the promised timeframe a SAFe Agilist has to bring the different teams together.

Prerequisites to Pursue this Course

Before choosing a course, it is important to check all the requirements and specifications.

  • To be able to pursue this training, you are required to have at least five years of experience in software development, business analyst and testing or product management. There are certain skills that you need to be able to fully comprehend the course.
  • Prior knowledge about Scrum or Agile will help you a great deal. These prerequisites are very important for a reason and you should apply for his course only when you are able to meet them.

Upon the completion of Scaled Agile Training in Pune, you will be rewarded with a genuine certification that will provide you with extra value in the market. You will also get an opportunity to pursue an advanced course in Scrum Master along with doing a Business Scrum Foundation course.

Get your introduction to the scaled Agile Framework; learn about creating a team and practical agility. Understand Program Augmentation planning. Get trained by the best in the field and develop skills like no other.

Xebia Academy focuses on your growth and that is why it is regarded as one of the best in the market. Choose the best for you because your future depends on it.

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